Iceland's best alternative rock band continues to astound and amaze with their stylish songwriting and dramatic arrangements enhanced today with their first album sung in English, MUSIK... As eccentric as Bjork yet as accessible as Coldplay, not to be missed


Maus are probably the biggest alternative rock band in Iceland at the
moment and had the biggest selling rock album of last year in the country,
with Musick, selling about 3000 copies before xmas [In Iceland gold is 5000 and
still going strong.

From their newest outing they've had four top 10 singles so far in the
last 12 months. Over their career they've had about 15 radio hits and won
awards as best icelandic band at the icelandic music awards in 1998.
They've only recently started singing in english, they're newest album
being they'r first release intented for the international markets. They've
also been rewarded for they're lyrics, drumming and they're videos.

They've had some experience supporting foreign bands, including Coldplay,
Ash, Ian Brown, Kent, Blonde Redhead, Modest Mouse, The Rasmus and many

Their biggest audience ever was in front of 10 thousand people, but while
supporting the foreign bands they been fronted with 6 thousand people each

The band are a 4 piece fronted by the enigmatic Biggi, singing in his strong Icelandic
Twang. Roger O'Donnell from The Cure, played on one track for their album..

They've released 5 albums to date in iceland and sold overall about 11
thousand copies locally ... Now the time for right for them to make their international debut...


How Far Is Too Far EP
i thessi sekundubrot sem eg flyt
lof mer ad falla ad thinu eyra
Ghost Songs

Set List

How Far Is Too Far
Life In A Fish Bowl
The whole Package
A Selfish Need
If You Stay
Replacing My Bones

The average set is 30-40 minutes depending on the show and largely contains songs from Musick plus new one and the occassional classic sung in Icelandic.