Zaragoza, Aragon, ESP

We are a band always in evolution, and our objective is go a step forward on the tradicional music of Aragon, renew the tradicional sounds making them attractive for the public and bring it to new places.


MAUT is a new group, which name is inspired on a witch from the mountains of Aragon, the group plays neofolk music and their first record 1.0 makes us look forward to a new landscape, a forest, dense and deeply green, still to discover.

A sound that merges electronic music, melodies and instruments from the tradition of Aragon, distorted guitars and visual projections, Minimal, dubstep, drumnbass. Bagpipes, zanfonas, accordions MAUT electrify and resize the folk from Aragon. Their first work is a collection of beautiful and disturbing songs, away from the traditional stereotypes.

COMPONENTS Alex Garca: guitar, trombone. Diago Lezaun: chiflo, chicotn gaita de boto, keyboard.Fernando Moreira: bass.Rafel Snchez: accordion, gaita de boto.Dani Cano: electronic bases, sintes, projection.


CD "1.0" year 2011