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Authentic and multi-cultural, Mavana's voices make you travel through the world and take you back home in your own heart. Guaranteed emotions.



These three sisters and their cousin have a unique sound, originating in their unusual background. At a young age, they moved from Madagascar, their country of origin, to Africa, where they lived in Mauritania, Congo, Chad and Mali.
17 years later, they finally settled in France in the purpose of developing their skills in Rock and Jazz music.

Initially self-taught musicians, songwriters, and arrangers, they took music classes in Nancy.

In 1994 they set up a rock band: Mananola (which was renamed a few years later Kalo Manga). They performed in Eastern France until 1999, then took up the challenge of singing a capella. They eventually decided to form this amazing vocal quartet.
Since then, they have been performing regularly in gigs, live tours and guest appearances (such as with Zawinul Syndicate) in France and abroad.

Among other events : Vienna Jazz festival (Austria), Festival d' Avignon, Jazz clubs and concert halls in Paris (New Morning, Sunset, L'Européen), Parc Floral (Vincennes), Jazztage Festival (Leverkusen, Germany)...

Furthermore, Mavana has also participated in many recording projects in various musical styles such as electro-pop, rock, afro-jazz, French chanson, songs for children.

Three shows are currently offered by Mavana :
« Qui Sont Ces Filles-Là » a tribute to 'French Chanson'
« Feo » for the lovers of Madagascar and world music
« Volanoro » a family-oriented musical tale

ABOUT « QUI SONT CES FILLES-LA? » (Who are those girls?)
an A Capella show by MAVANA quartet

Thanks to the magic of these four voices, you will find that African rhythms, sweetness of islands, and richness of musical harmony can fit together to offer a wonderful tribute to great legends of French Chanson.
Come and discover daring musical arrangements, performed with pure emotion and sens of humor. Obviously, you will be charmed by these girls' generosity.

« Qui Sont Ces Filles-Là » is available in two versions:
light version: 4 singers
complete version: 4 singers + 2 percussionists (Marius, leader of malagasy band 'Fenoamby', and Tawm).
During this 1h15 show, one will recognise songs of artists such as Piaf, Brassens, Trenet, Gainsbourg, Salvador ...


-Qui Sont Ces Filles-Là (©2007 Bizou Muzic)
-Volanoro (©2005 self-produced)