Maverick is a high energy Rock n' Roll band. They sing about all the good things in life such as girls, parties and cars. They love getting the audience off and it's hard to stay still when they hit the stage. Their influences are Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Skid Row etc...


My name is Jamie Caviness I am the lead singer in my band, Maverick. It was two years ago when Maverick was first started. I knew a girl named Jesse who had a boyfriend that was into the same music I was into, and I wanted to talk to him about starting a band and see if he could play an instrument. Well his name was Joe and he actually came up to me first and asked me if I wanted to start a band with him and if I could play anything. I told him I could play the microphone. So we started playing with one of his buddies who was drummer in a another band named Lucas. He was really good but he was already in another band so he was always busy. Well I was friends with this kid named James Heitzer and he can shred on guitar so I asked him to play with us. So we jammed a few times with Lucas and it was alright. Joe’s tone and James’ tone just collided though. Joe sounds like Angus Young from AC/DC and James sounded like Zakk Wylde from Ozzy. And I really didn’t know what I was doing playing bass and singing at the same time; so it didn’t really work out. Soon James quit and Lucas was just lost in his other bands world and it was me and Joe. Well about six drummers, two bass players , and an egotistical guitar player later we got James back and ended up finding a drummer that was right for us. His name is T.J. Nickerson. We had a bass player named Fuzz and he was so good, but he worked way too much to ever play with us so we had to kick him out. So we asked one of our friends to fill in for Fuzz. His name is Eric Graves. But tensions started rising with Eric and the band, so we kicked him to the curb and brought Fuzz back since he cut back his hours. Our band is based off of influences such as early Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, and other classic hard rock bands. Our shows are very high energy and everyone has a good time watching us.

Set List

-Sweet Lovin' Blues
-If You Want It
-Take Me Back
-City Lights
-Go Along
-Wound Up

-It's So Easy(Guns N' Roses)
Livin' Lovin' Maid(Led Zeppelin)
-Nice Boys(Rose Tattoo)
-Whole Lotta Rosie(AC/DC)
-Immigrant Song(Led Zeppelin)
-Blue Suede Shoes(Elvis)
-Hair Of The Dog(Nazareth)
-Knockin On Heavens Door(GNR Version)