Mavi Graves

Mavi Graves


I think of myself as a cerebral Madonna for the intellectual crowd. There's themes of Native-American myth, sex and power surrounded in piano and electronics, sometimes with Chinese lyrics. My music is the soundtrack for non-conformists ready to be thrilled, touched, and mobilized in the future.


As one male fan in Athens, Georgia said during her 2007 grease tour, "my friends think I'm crazy for loving an album called "Gynocracy", but I tell them, "Guys, it's amazing!"
Mavi is influenced by the emotional and sonic strangeness of Bjork, Tori Amos and Radiohead and describes the lives of unlikely, sometimes unsavory characters in a style inspired by Tom Waits but Mavi brings songwriting to a transcendental, global level by incorporating her ability to speak Mandarin Chinese and to combine foreign policy, political crookery, love and struggle into non-obvious and solidly poetic musical gems. Mavi grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado surrounded by pet chickens, sheep and peacocks. One song, the Mica Mine, about a fictional scenario where Mavi and a childhood friend decide to bomb local oil-shale drills, was recorded at Mavi's home in Grand Junction and the distant sounds of peacocks can be heard at certain points along the track. Mavi has a gift for foreign languages and studied Chinese in college. It wasn't until after a traumatic experience processing to be a translator for the National Security Agency that Mavi decided her calling was in music. After 9-11 Mavi was awakened to the invisible strings of power than run between our country and others and the effects that those power relationships have on average people. She decided to subvert power by launching a tour in an RV that ran on vegetable oil and making a documentary film about small town Americans who are innovative and not content to accept America's identity as a nation of ignorant, consumerist war-mongers. She and several other musicians toured the American south for two months and the experience was called The Break Free Project. After the successful release of her stunning first album, Gynocracy and her radical grease tour, Mavi now has aspirations to release an all-Chinese EP and tour in China as well as finish her second English album.


Mother Mary

Written By: Mavi Graves

Voodoo dolls shiver in the breeze,
strung up with broken rosaries.
Cooked up a kettle of rice and beans.

Cypress roots groaning in the wind.
Vampires are all dining in.
I hear my wind chime made of oyster tins.

A wall of brackish water threatened to take my daughter.
On the way to the shed to get my motorboat, I passed a floating alter.

And mother mary cried tears of oil from her eyes
and black angles flew out the window, clouds of rainbows billowed around them.

Took my beloved to a nearby church,
and then began my one-man search
for others blown off their rooftop perch.

We camped around the alter.
Heard the screams of somebody's daughter.
Held mine tight and all the night, I cursed my hands
for the help they could not offer.

And mother mary cried tears of oil from her eyes.
And black angels flew out the window, clouds of rainbows billowed around them.

Aytd oopa

Written By: Mavi Graves

Leland was the ditchrider and during his day
he's stop and stare at the wide open desert.
Atop his head a shock of white hair.
Saw things others said weren't there like
snowstorms in summer.
One morning he went to check the gate
and on the hill he saw a thing that was half-man,
half-bird and who was singing:

Aytd oopa

Darrel was his brother and all day long, he'd tend
a herd of cattle for the slaughter. "I have lived here
all my life. I don't know how I'm gonna survive the
ever falling prices."
Storm clouds slate like arrowheads. Darrel stopped
to take a rest, arms folded around his shovel. I
saw it on my way home from school, nothing the ambulance
could do. Lightning had turned him into charcoal.

Aytd oopa

And in the new snow near his house were only tracks
of fox and grouse.

Aytd oopa


Written By: Mavi Graves

When the tide is right and the moon is full, we come, we come.
Warrior ships will hit the shore, try and run, try and run.
Domination, subjugation, in our wake, in our wake.
We all gonna follow a new set of rules,
The kind like Momma used to make.

The goddess cometh,
(she is nigh, she is nigh)
My cup overrunneth,
(she is nigh, she is nigh)...
If you cast off false gods and seek to repent,
The goddess is benevolent.
Give us your land,
Give to your wives all wealth.
Enter the palace, drink from the chalice
Follow this straight and noble path
'cause hell hath no fury like a woman's wrath.

Listen to the one who is in the know
She's the one with the crimson flow
(I think everybody's had enough)
(What this place needs is a woman's touch)
The one with whom all life begins
Gets the last laugh in the end.

What you gonna do?
Who you gonna be?
Living in Gynocracy?
Let me ask you: what have you done for her lately?
Gynocracy (This is a call for a new world order, a change of power, a return to nature, you've done plenty,
Step down, someone else is gonna wear the crown now)

Cinderella, dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss her fella
Made a mistake and kissed a snake, how many husbands with she take.

The Goddess cometh
(she is nigh, she is nigh)
My cup overrunneth
(a feminine divine)
The Goddess cometh
(get on your Sunday best)
My cup overrunneth
(let's clean up this mess)

(the legend of the lady will prevail)
Gather around, I am the holy grail!
The Goddess cometh (and she is mad)
My cup overrunneth (you boys have been bad)
When girls get together (with the ladies in command)
We don't talk about the weather, no (we can provide for every man)

(We all gonna follow a new set of rules)
Love your mother for goodness' sake.


Written By: Mavi Graves

She sees her prey
No escape for you today
Swirl of dust, chase you down
Chew your bones, hear you groan.

Oh god what a natural thing
See I'm a cougar
I'm a cougar
It's on the flesh of the young that I feast
And so they call me a Beast.

I'm not wasting time
Got one thing on my mind
You have your life ahead of you still
I'm in it for the kill

Oh god, what a sexual thing
See I'm a cougar
I'm a cougar
It's on the flesh of the young that I feast
And so they call me a Beast.


Written By: Mavi Graves

Paddy tends the bar. Jose empties the tip jar.
The sun has set. Dusk calls with it's promises of stars.
But I'm too afraid of the dark.
My veins burn with a green unease that scalds my drink
cools with it's beating wings of emeralds.
Twinkle, twinkle light. God give me one wish tonight.
Starlight, starbright God forgive me my wish tonight.
To die.
Arabs keeping to themselves. Their dialects that spit like sparks.
You unbeknownst are sitting close to them with your fingers intertwined.
Fingers that are intertwined, a glowing globe of candlelight,
a diamond dazzles in the light, forgetful of the black that birthed you.
So bright. So bright.
Diamond don't forget the black that birthed you, so bright.

Arabs make their plans. Precious stones in Afghanistan.
Candles in caves. They've hardened themselves to live in rock.
They're not afraid of the dark.
My veins burn with a green unease that scalds, my drink cools
with it's beating wings of emeralds.

Twinkle, twinkle light, God give me an alibi.
Starlight, starbright, God give me one wish tonight.
To survive.
Arabs know that when it comes to unearthing all precious stones,
to separate the dark from light, you need a stick or two of dynamite.
Fingers that are intertwined, a glowing globe of candlelight,
a diamond dazzles in the light, forgetful of the blast that blew you
sky high. sky high,
Diamond don't forget the blast that blew you sky high.

Twinkle twinkle light, the red and white of police cars.
The sun has set, night made good on it's promises of stars.

Machine Girl

Written By: Mavi Graves

Girl, don't let em see you cry.
Don't let em see your soft side.
Your underbelly, don't let em see
you running on empty.

Girl, it is a man's world. No room
here for girls with guts and hearts
and stomachs and spleens.

but girl, there is a need here.
You're in demand, girl. You
don't need a headhunter, girl if
you can do one thing and that is
be a machine.

And machines don't cry, girl.
Those tears are just oil, girl.
Oil that is being pumped out
and replaced with something
much more sustainable, girl.

We've got to clean up the earth.
(Washing machine)
Slow the rate of birth (sex machine)
Numbers to calculate (adding machine)
Consider what is on your plate (eating machine)

Machines don't cry, girl.
Those tears are just defragging, girl.
Machines, they do best if you can
free up some space on your harddrive.

Take over the world, machine girl.
You're the best of both worlds,
a machine girl.


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Set List

1 Gynocracy
2 Beast
3 Boy
4 Diamond
5 Make Haste
6 My Darling
7 Rendezvous
8 Tired eyes
9 Machine Girl
10 The Star-studded garment
11 The mica mine
12 Aytdoopa
13 Manshaped hole
14 Do unto me
15 No grave but the sea
Usually 10 or so songs of any of the above. Sets are usually an hour, can be extended or shortened.