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Dear [Mavin]:

This is the program director for I am happy to announce that your music has been added to the playlist on We are now streaming live on ITUNES(under the alternative category)so this should really expose your music to music lovers all over the world. Be sure to tell all your fans that your music is spinning on and on ITUNES!....

Reggie - Underworld Mix Radio

[Dear Mavin],

We have listened to your submission, Desperate Side of Me, and we are excited about adding that to our radio stream and digital distribution catalog. We will stream that song on our Adult Contemporary Channel.....

Courtney Delaney -

[Published in the May 2008 issue]

Who: Mavin

What: A classic rock sound that doesn't sound too old, so it appeals to everyone from teens to adults. Lots of energy, great vocals and fun lyrics.

On The Web:

Sounds Like: Kings of Leon, but a little more mainstream.

Stand Out Single: “Schizophrenia”

- Hear/Say Magazine

Herbie Fully Loaded ~ Original Soundtrack
Price: $13.99

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

7 of 10 people found the following review helpful:

Fun! Fun ! Fun!, June 23, 2005
FUN, FUN, FUN is not just the name of an excellent cover song by Caleigh Peters that is one of the highlights of this sounndtrack-it is a perfect description of the entire CD! Every song is chosen to make you feel happy! Its a perfect collection of summer songs and driving songs.
Most of the songs are covers of classic songs sung by new groups. For example Mark Mc Grath singing GETCHA' BACK, Josh Gracin doing WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND & Rooney doing METAL GURU.
My favorite covers are Aly & AJ singing WALKING ON SUNSHINE & FUN, FUN, FUN by Caleigh Peters.
The CD also includes Lindsay's rocker FIRST & Mavin's WELCOME TO MY WORLD. Mavin is a new grock group that features A. J. Trauth of the Disney Show-Even Stevens- as a guitar player and singer. Both songs work great on the Cd.
The last two tracks on the Cd are instrumentals- my favorite is HERBIE(FULLY LOADED REMIX) which is gauranteed to put a smile on your face.
If you are looking for a deep album about the troubles of life and the world,look elsewhere! If you want an entirely fun,fun,fun Cd to listen to,buy this ! You will love it.
PS- The movie is fun too, & Lindsay is great in it!

- Smiley Smile (Reviewer rank 23661)

Mavin to perform at Red, White and Boom

Musical family ties have worked for rock bands like Van Halen, AC/DC, The Beach Boys, Oasis and Hanson. The members of Mavin don't think they should be any different.

Three out of the five members of the local band are from the Trauth family, which owns A.J.'s Music and Vintage Guitars on Sunset Road and Green Valley Parkway. Local audiences will have a chance to check out the band when it returns to Las Vegas to perform during Sunday's Red, White and Boom: An Independence Day Celebration at Desert Breeze Park, at Spring Mountain Road and Durango Drive, sponsored by the Clark County Parks and Community Services department.

Older fans will appreciate the inspired sound of classic rock. Younger fans might recognize A.J. Trauth, the youngest brother and cast member on "Even Stevens," a Disney Channel sitcom.

A.J. moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue his acting career. The Greenspun Middle School alum didn't make it to his siblings' stomping grounds at Green Valley High School because he began working on television shows, movies and commercials.

Older brothers Chris and Pete Trauth continued to play in bands together around the Las Vegas Valley, most notably in a group called Relapse. Two years ago, they decided to join their little brother and mother in Southern California, where A.J. had connected with a manager and recorded a couple of demos.

But he didn't recognize the music coming from his harmonica. Since he was on a Disney Channel show, the manager thought the young actor should play pop tunes to appeal to the show's audience. A.J. ended up ditching the manager and joining his brothers as soon as they arrived.

"I was not hip to the 'A.J. Trauth Project' and playing like that," said A.J., 17. "Timing worked out really well, and all of us got together. It's such a collaboration now with the members of the band and the creative output. It's much easier for people to take it seriously."

A.J.'s musical growth impressed his older brothers.

"A.J. was doing really well playing guitar. A year before we moved out here, I would've thought it was a joke that they would want us to come out here and form a band," said Pete, 27. "He was learning so fast."

The Trauth trio joined Dan Kremer on bass and Mike Trobiani on percussion, and Mavin was born.

The band released an EP of six songs on the Internet last year and is in the studio recording an album, with a tour in the works. Mavin also has two songs in the upcoming independent film, "Yard Sale."

The performance at the annual Red, White and Boom event marks the first public performance for Mavin in Las Vegas, and the first time in two years Chris and Pete Trauth have played in their hometown. It also will be their largest venue to date.

"I'm sure when it's show time, I'll be a bit more nervous," Pete said. "I get nervous a little bit going to a small bar and playing for 10 people. I think this one will be a little bit more nerve-wracking. It'll be interesting to play in front of that many people."

The group hasn't signed with a recording company as of yet, but the members joke about drawing up a contract to sign and "make ourselves feel cool and feel like we're on a label," Pete said.

"I think what our real goal is right now is to have a CD, a professional, good CD," he added. "As far as the record companies are concerned, we hope we can give them this and say, 'Here you go, get us distributed.' "

The young musicians still have to work to get their band noticed, even though they have A.J.'s foot in the door to the entertainment business. Actually, there is more work to be done than they thought.

"We thought we were going to be pretty hooked up and get going," Pete said. "It was so much work, and we had no idea how hard it is to get into the business. Even with an edge, it's pretty hard."

"We haven't felt like we're working too hard and not going anywhere," said Chris, 25. "In the next couple years, it will tell how hard it is."

For A.J., balancing acting and music is a tough task.

"It is juggling when I'm working," he said. "It's going to the set at 6:30 in the morning, getting home at 5 and practicing with the band from 7 until 10, learning lines and going to bed."

The Trauth brothers separately described their band's sound through some of their inspirations, including The Who, the Rolling Stones and the Velvet Underground. A.J. was interested to hear Blues Traveler thrown into the mix.

"It's not something people would expect from him. It's because of him people would expect anything and have an expectation of anything," Chris said. "They expect a Disney sound."

"You write what comes out of you. You shouldn't be restricted to what you play. It's kind of ignorant to limit yourself," A.J. said. "We have quite an eclectic thing going on because we don't limit ourselves to this little box we're trying to shove ourselves into."

"This type of music isn't bubblegum pop. It's not punk music or anything," Pete said. "A lot of kids tend to like it, though. I don't think it's too classic rock so it sounds like old music."

Pete Trauth, the trio's father, opened A.J.'s Music and Vintage Guitars about 12 years ago. As younger children, the brothers were able to pick up an instrument and try it out. Chris didn't start on guitar until he was 15, whereas his brother Pete played piano since kindergarten.

"Our parents were always musical, whether it be writing or singing," A.J. said. "My dad was in bands since he was younger than I am. That's just what we knew."

"(Our dad) always played Eric Clapton music and all the major blues guys," Pete said. "We were exposed to all those different things. It got us to want to be in a band. We all wanted to be like Dad and be like rock stars."
- Henderson View


NEW! Listen to Mavin on and on the "Underworldmixradio" channel on iTunes Radio. Listen to Mavin's "Shine" and "Sleep Tonight" on episode 4 of The CW's "Pepper Dennis". Listen to Mavin's "Schizophrenia" on leading internet radio station, MVYRadio.Com. Get Mavin's "Blu" and "Desperate Side Of Me" albums on many popular digital download sites including iTunes, Napster, and Last.FM.

Hollywood records release of "Welcome to My World" on the Herbie: Fully Loaded soundtrack, 2005.
"Welcome to My world" is also available on i-Tunes and Napster, and plays in the feature film, Herbie: Fully Loaded. Also, look for Mavin on the Herbie: Fully Loaded DVD. We have been featured on the Disney Channel's Movie Surfers program to promote Herbie: Fully Loaded.

Self-released EP "Blu" (Available at CD and all popular digital sites including iTunes).

Self-released EP "Desperate Side Of Me" (Available at CD and all popular digital sites including iTunes).

Performed "Senorita," from the Blu EP on the Disney Channel's NYE special.

Recorded the title track for Disney's animated series, "American Dragon," which is airing internationally.



Mavin began when actor AJ Trauth decided he wanted to be a rock star. He called up his two brothers Pete and Chris, and friend Mike T, and asked them to move to Los Angeles and start a rock and roll band. Due to their conservative Chicago upbringing, Pete, Chris, and Mike all agreed that this was the wisest career move a young adult could make, and caught the next train to California! Be it sheer natural talent or just plain old dumb luck, Mavin actually broke through the thick icy shell of the music industry and has gone on to do some pretty awesome things.

Mavin filmed a part on a major motion picture and got put on the soundtrack (Herbie: Fully Loaded), recorded the theme song for a hit Disney animation series (Jake Long: American Dragon), recorded and published 2 CDs (Blu and Desperate Side of Me), and jammed out at some of the hippest music venues in Hollywood (House of Blues, the Roxy Theater, Whisky A Go Go, the Key Club, the Knitting Factory, The Gig, The Cat Club). They have even taken their show out of town (Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, PA, Malibu, CA).

In front of the camera, behind the scenes, and on the stage, Mavin has taken the spotlight, displaying their ability to draw and captivate large audiences across the U.S. and the momentum is building. The international recognition and success of lead singer, AJ Trauth, have only added to Mavin’s mass appeal among teens and young adults. AJ is one of the four lead actors in all three seasons of Disney's enormously popular series "Even Stevens" and has had many other notable acting jobs since.

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