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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""Engraved Rocks""

”Your vocals are so different. They’re not even like Evanescence or some other hit band, because the lead sounds more like a punk or alt/emo singer than some metal powerhouse. This distinctive quality doesn’t contain any of metal’s rage in it’s sound, so it could hurt you in the A&R exec’s ears if they want a metal act. Still, I would bet on this more intimate delivery since the times they are a changing.”

…Curtis Lowell/Music Industry Professional

- Make A Star


This Track screams “radio, radio, radio!” You guys can write hit songs!”
…Zip/ Music Industry Professional - Make A Star

"Haunting you"

Mavis, what unique pieces you have both lyrically and melodically. As I mentioned earlier, you certainly seem to have a knack for coming up with colorful lyrics and cohesive melodic ideas. I was also impressed with the heartfelt sincerity in each song vocally. - Taxi


I have cut a professional studio album with my rock band Engraved, and have just finished my first solo CD.


Feeling a bit camera shy


I have been singing all my life from the church youth group to theatre, rock, new age, blues and alternative rock bands (all original) and have a couple hours worth of music to pull from with my peronal songs. My influences are Heart, Sting, Seal,, Arosmith, Led Zep. Bonnie Rait, Annie Lennox. My voice is deep and rich and sounds especially good with blues. I also can sing with a haunting falsetto which can have a celtic or Enya appeal. My songs range from ballads that work great for country, to Evenesence style and some blues and jazz. I am also a singer/songwriter in an alternative rock band. We have some very catchy songs that appeal to young adults and have released one CD but have enough songs for a second.