MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

mavo, named after dadist group in Japan in 1930's, was formed in mitz's head in 1997 when he came to canada. since then, recruited, conor from brave radar on drums and ryan from wild women on bass. mavo influenced by mods, 90 indie-rock/shoegaze and C86, play simple rock music. mavo sings about being foreigner in canada, hate crimes and racisms and mid centruy modern furnitures and bre cheese in the park


Currently recording debut ep, soon to be released on Montreal based, Fixture records.

Mitz Takahashi, hailing from Osaka, Japan in his teens, plays guitar and sing. Ryan Newman, from Vancouver plays bass. Conor Prendergast from Sydney Australia, plays drums.

Influenced by 90's indie rock/shoegaze and UK C86 movement, as well as late 70s/early 80s Mods, Punk sound, Mavo plays simple yet loud garage rock music with lyrics about Mitz's experiences in Canada as a foreigner and as an Asian man....racism, Canadian heritage commercials, chinatown adventures. He sings in Japanese accent.

Mitz said he can't wait til go to Halifax and eat fresh seafood like when he was in motherland.


demo ep(2010)