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Mavrik draws the listener in with infectious melodic beats and then captures their attention with original lyrics of substance. Hailing from the Bay Area in Northern California, the duo's production style echoes their roots.


Mavrik distills the essence of hip-hop through both banging beats and realistic lyrics. The duo, comprised of Loren “Tallswest” Tolman and Yohannes Skoda, bridges together diverse influences that include not only the rich tradition of Bay Area hip-hop, but also those of the East Coast, Kenya and India. Combining for well over a decade worth of experience in the culture and lifestyle of hip-hop, Mavrik has performed alongside KRS-ONE, Too Short, Aceyalone, Digital Underground, The Gift of Gab, The Frontline, Lyrics Born, Zion I and Mistah FAB. The music uses both beats and the negative space around beats, creating a unique sound that stretches the musical boundaries of hip-hop. The lyrics reflect the varied experiences of both artists, making Mavrik universal in sound and story. In a time where more people are seeking truth and honesty along with skill and ability, Mavrik’s first full-length album, About Face, musically meets these needs.
"About Face" is a cohesive album that gives a fresh perspective on todays hip hop landscape, applicable to its listeners every day life. Mavriks raw nature proves that authentic art also makes the best art. The cinematic album demonstrates the duos ability to touch their listeners to make them move, both internally and externally. While some songs, such as Here We Go, both humorize and humanize the every day challenges people face, other songs, like Surrender feat. The Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) and Jennifer Johns, carry the listener through a dark schizophrenic journey that leads ultimately to the realization of hope. Throughout About Face, Mavrik invites people both identify and find new meaning within themselves, sparking new light on the darkness while accentuating the positive aspects of life and never misses a beat.


MAVRIK Dissenter - 2003 - 8 Track EP

"Walk Around it" -2005 - Single Release
"This Music" - 2005 Single Release

Full Length Record - "About Face" -2007 16 tracks

Set List

45 minute to 1hr and 15min sets with vary songs, breaks, and audience participation