London, England, GBR

Rembetika rebels from London’s Greek and Cypriot immigrant community rework the underground songs of the 20s and 30s with a touch of Velvet Underground style and plenty of attitude from the London scene.


Short Bio: Led by Owiny Sigoma Band producer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Morphitis, who has performed with Chartwell Dutiro (Thomas Mapfumo), Elmore Judd, and Africa Express, on electric guitar, and classically-trained vocalist Katina Kangaris, whose experience ranges from opera to pop, Mavrika were inspired by Chris’ father’s collection of Greek vinyl to rework old-world rebemtika songs in a London way. Not a Balkan-bandwagon band, they formed 10 years ago, but stayed under the radar until their 2012 album release brought critical acclaim, with live dates demonstrating audience appreciation. With a WOMAD booking confirmed, they’re ready to take their ‘grunge rembetika’ to new audiences.


Track 1 Dervish Dance

Written By: Originally performed by Agapios Tomboulis 1930

Ayshem is wrapped in a golden shawl; hair tumbling over her eyebrows, mascara on her eyes.

Track 5 The Gambler

Written By: Hariloas Kritikos 1939

When I'm at the club playing cards, I always drop the joker...

Track 9 Derbederisa

Written By: Anotonis Dalgas 1927

Dark young thing, don't spurn my love. You like to torment me and string me along. Tell your mother I will marry you, no matter what the dowry.

Track 10 The Secret

Written By: Vangelis Papzoglou 1935

Take me in your arms, and take me to your bed, but before the daylight breaks let me fly away.

Track 4 Gypsy Girl

Written By: Georgios Batis 1933

Lovely gypsy girl, wanderring from bar to bar; a flower in your hair, a cigarette in your hand.


Album Mavrika (2012, Psolista Records)