London, England, GBR


Mavrika are Londoners Chris Morphitis (guitar/bouzouki/producer) and Katina Kangaris (vocals). Their eponymous first album draws inspiration from Rembetika - 1920s and 30s Greek blues music, bringing these songs up to date with a contemporary rock line up of electric guitar, bass, drums, bouzouki, oud and violin.
Working with world class musicians Tom Skinner (drums), Hassan Erraji (oud and violin) and Pavlos Melas (vocals), their collective performing experience stretches right around the world, from small intimate spaces to Glastonbury and major European venues.


Gypsy Girl

Written By: Georgios Batis

Lovely gypsy girl, wandering from bar to bar; a flower in your hair, a cigarette in your hand.

The Gambler

Written By: Harilaos Kritikos

When I’m at the club playing cards, I always drop the joker...

Dervish Dance

Written By: Agapios Tomboulis

Ayshem is wrapped in a golden shawl; hair tumbling over her eyebrows, mascara on her eyes.


Written By: Smyrna Estudiantina

That girl from Smyrna has made me lovesick. One day, somehow, I will marry her.

The Manghas Are Complaining

Written By: Yovan Tsaous

The wide boys and the posh boys are grouching about the hash...


Mavrika is available soon on CD or download. (Psolista Records)