Mav Viola

Mav Viola


Subtle rock with a Souful twist. Bold lyrics coupled with invasive and sultry vocals. Songs written for the struggling heart, the empowered, the broken, the strong, the tough, the bold. Mixed with a light-hearted, kicked back and comical attitude towards it all.


Mav Viola grew up in the sand dunes of Virgina Beach, VA shaggin her ass off to the beats of beach music and motown and loving every second of it. Influences such as her uncle, Bill Deal of the Rhondels, and those he played with such as the Drifters and the Four Tops. The essence of their soul comes out in her music as well as her character.
Mav moved to LA to pursue a career in screenwriting and has been very successful in her endeavors, working with director/writer Angela Robinson on a webseries called "Girltrash" as well as with POWERUP productions on a film called Itty Bitty Titty Committee. She's also spend a great deal of time writing and doing Improv for Second City. Her first love however, is music and thus she's in the beginning stages of getting herself on the scene. She's been booked thus far at Genghis Cohen, Room 5, and the Rainbow Bar and Grill.
Her music, particularly during a performance, is the complete embodiment of everything that is her; capturing the depths and the heights of life. One minute you can hear in her voice as she falls broken to her knees and the next she's fixing a hot toddy on stage and spitting out one liners that will have you rolling. She's crazy fun, endearing, profound; a lightning bolt in a jar ready to explode.
Mav has written many songs and recorded 6, all of which were done so in her apartment and mixed entirely by herself. Though she can't read music she has an ear for every instrument involved. Her voice, far beyond her years, carries the confidence and depth of someone who's been at it for decades.

Set List

1. Goodbye Lover
2. I Can't Believe
3. Enough
4. Thunder and Rain
5. Forever and Ever
6. I Love You When
7. Breathless
8. Bittersweet Memories
9. I Did You Wrong
10. She
11. The King Has Fallen