Mav Viola

Mav Viola

 West Hollywood, California, USA

The mergence of soul and rock lead by sultry vocals.


Mav Viola first learned to play guitar in high school because there were no girls in the church band. A series of unfortunate events lead to her fall away from the church. This experience sent her on many different paths with multiple discoveries of self; a lot of which comes out in her music and lyrics. Mav is able to take her experiences and sing as though they have been had by all. Her pain is universal and easily connected to. Mav's music does not fear addressing the darkness of life and love. It breaks down, it wallows, it stands up, it yells, it melts; it embodies a spectrum of emotion felt in a lifetime yet captured in a single song. Through her music and captivating voice, Mav Viola provides a portal to a safer place where human emotion can exist in it's most natural and exposed state.
Mav has been influenced by many musicians, particularly Bruce Hornsby, Jeff Buckley, Martha Wainwright, Stevie Wonder, anyone who speaks their mind and let's their truth be unmasked and as it is.

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Mav's song "Breathless" has been played on various college radio stations through northern Virginia. Mav is currently in the process of releasing her first EP.

Set List

A typical set list is as follows:

The King Has Fallen
I Can't Believe
Come Find Me
7 Months
Seasons Change
In A Garden Of Roses
Both Sides Now (Cover)
I Did You Wrong

Typically Mav plays 30-45 minutes. Mav does very few covers but has successfully covered Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" as well as Van Morrison's "Crazy Love" and Al Green's "Perfect to Me."