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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ritual Places In Bulgaria"

The group OM, with their "Ritual Places In Bulgaria". This title is unlike anything Erdenklang has released, and quite unique in any respect. The sound, at times, is reminiscent of the best of Paul Winter's consort titles, with an ensemble sound that is mostly acoustic, improvisational yet highly structured & melodic all at once. The inspiration for the spiritual world music is from sacred power spots" in Bulgaria, such as the high Rila Mountains, like the Himalayas, monasteries , the Spring of St. Sofia, sacred stones, etc..
- Erdenklang

"Music filled with vitality"

"Music filled with vitality and wonderful melodies, in variable harmonious frame which changes from the most fabulous New Age and to cosmic sceneries.”
"MARGEN", Spain

"Storm clouds rising on Bach tinted chords"

Three main streams are brought together Bulgarian folk music, New Age and the
influence of the Art Ensemble Of Chicago. A bird song under blue skies, a green summer day full of
life Storm clouds rising on Bach tinted chords. The majesty of high show-capped mountains. A
shepherd playing the kaval to his flock under the mid-day sun.
Wordless singing coming from the depth of history of this ancient land. The bite of a mature, red wine
in oak casks."


"...a new phenomenon"

"..a new phenomenon in the world spiritual music "
"FORUM", Germany

"Like a safer Oregon"

"Like a safer Oregon, Rain Garden or Argile, this is pleasant and relaxing stuff, much more befitting Erdenklang's "Cross Culture" series than most past releases."
"AUDION", England

"closely connected with the Earth"

"Nikolai Ivanov has created a series of musical canvases, which depicts the vibration of his soul. This music is not typical because of the atmosphere in which it has been created, but it is reviving and more closely connected with the Earth than the music of any other musician, developing the same idea."
"WOM", Spain

"They wanted to continue hearing"

OM performed 3 more pieces because the public didn't want to leave the hall. They wanted to continue hearing the meditative music, coming from the Space"

Novinar, Bulgaria - Novinar

"sweet anger"

Coming from the secular wisdom, the ethno sound invaded the hall and filling it with new-age and jazz with sweet anger with angry sweetness with values equitable with those of Garbarek, McLaughlin, Shakti and Zakir Hussein"
Rhythm, Bulgaria
- Rhythm


With OM Art Formation

Ritual Places in Bulgaria (Erdenklang, 97)
The Long Way (Periferic Records, 98)
Letters (94)
The Run of The Spring (94)



MAXAVIRA ethno fusion jazz project New OM art formation - fusion of jazz, ethnic music, ambient, folk, minimal

This is a new project of Nikolai Ivanov OM and its idea is to make jazz more communicative in the situation of the contemporary musical space and because of that musicians use and mix almost everything from the styles in modern music and offer it in a natural and accessible way - there is fusion and mainstream, ethno elements, elements from club culture and chill out, as well as towards sacral traditions.

The project is shown for the first time at the festival “August in Art” - Varna, after that three times at Haskovo jazz, in September 2005 in Sofia with the Hungarian saxophone player Cristoph Bacho as a guest and during the summer of 2005 at the festival PIERLEVEES in Belgium. It is shown as well regularly in Swinging Hall and other places in Sofia, Ruse, Smolian etc.

Mihail Iosifov (trumpet), Stephan Kojuharov (percussion instruments) have take part in the project.

Nikolay Ivanov is the founder of The OM Art Formation - founded in 1990. OM‘s musicians include: Nikolay Ivanov - composer, acoustic and electric guitars, piano,keyboards, recorder, voice, percussion Rumen Semerdjiev - bass, keyboards, Guergui Anguelov - percussion, tabla, djembe, tupan, tarambuka, kaval, bag pipe, cuena, didgeridoo, berimbao, kuika.

OM have toured France, Hungary, India and Nepal, where they gave a very special concert on Kala Patar top (5545 m), below Everest, at May 15th 1996.

some recent concerts solo performances and projects:

March - Germany- Bremen, Reitze, Pederborn, Kasel, Berlin;
Mai - France-Caen, Germany - Heidelberg, Berlin;
June - Hungary - Budapest, Vac, Tereny;
August - Hyngary - Sziget festival;
July- Croatia - Karlobag ,Zadar;
November - India, New Delhi;
December - China, Beijing; Germany - Berlin;

March - Norway - Oslo, Drobak; Germany - Stutgart, Nurnberg, Austria;
Mai - Hungary - Budpest,
June - Hungary - Vac, Tereny,
July - Croatia - Karlobag;
September - Norway - Oslo, Sogndal, Lardak;
October - Croatia - Slatina, Viroviticva
various concerts in Bulgaria

Ramesh Shotham (India), Christy Doran (Swis), Javier Paxarino (Spain), Karl Seglem, Helge Norbakken, Gjermund Sislet, Harald Skullerud, Hakon Hogemo, Berit Opheim (Norway), Gillian Stevens, Dylan Fowler (Wales) Andreas von Garnier (Germany), Kornel Horvat, Krishtof Bacho, Csaba Tusko, Zoltan Lantos, Sandor Szabo, Balash Maior, Emil Biliarski (Hungary), Ivar Orvedal (Norway), Kari Malmanger (Norway), Per Willy (Norway), Doreen Monayer (Palestina), Sanjally Iobarten (Africa), Nasibu Mwankuzi (Africa), Racesh Kumar (India), Rupesh Kumar (India) and many Bulgarian musician.