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Max Burgundy

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Hip Hop




"Want Some Fader Premiere"

the fader premieres the street single off my mixtape out June 13 - The Fader

"New Acts Spotlight"

NXNE selects Max Burgundy as one of the top 3 hip hop acts to see at the entire festival. The rapper is also selected to be a part of their compilation CD which is reserved for the best 28 acts in the entire festival of over 660 bands. -

"Hard Rock Cafe hosts international hip hop artists"

great review of my live set during Canadian Music Week - cadence canada

"Top 5 Hip Hop Artists on Sonicbids"

Max Burgundy listed as number 1 - Sonicbids

"Why Drake's Album Leak is No Big Deal"

An op ed piece I wrote for on what it is like to be a rapper in today's leak-prone world -

"Max Burgundy gets Interviewed (on camera)"

On camera interview conducted while on tour in Montreal Canada by fashion blog Wolf & Harrison. - Wolf & Harrison

"Max Burgundy at The Bitter End Aug 20 2011 [live show review]"

a description of my "energy" at my live show by new indie hip hop blog the joy of violent movement - Joy of Violent Movement - hip hop blog

"Max Burgundy"

The new LoFi sings its praises for the latest Max Burgundy release #waiting.

"I mean, lines like “sometime’s i get paralyzed by fear, i want to ride you like a fixed gear, but instead i just sit here” and “love letters is for suckers, hit me on the DM, and tell your friends to facebook friend my friends so we can be friends” and! “follow my twitter tweets and retweet them, and if we ever met in real life i would know where to be-gin,” = awesome!" - The New LoFi

"Max Burgundy - Save Ferris [Russian Media Premier]"

Russian Hip Hop blog Ahhmusic continues to showcase the ascent of Max Burgundy into the international world of hip hop music, this time premiering his music video for Save Ferris (fuck my job) - ahhmusic

" Video Premier: Save Ferris"

According to Max Burgundy‘s Tumblr, the Brooklyn-based artist is everything you could ask for in the next Kid Cudi wordsmith: “Rapper. Brooklyn. Real. Brilliant.” According to his Twitter page, he’s a “Bronx born self-made hustler,” and a hustler with a hot new summer anthem about eating an unhealthy breakfast, not wanting to get a job or deal with parents and teachers, and practicing questionable grooming habits to boot. The song, “Save Ferris (Fuck My Job),” has just been equipped with a new video in which Burgundy gives the metaphorical middle finger to having a job and wearing a tie.

It seems pertinent to mention that “Save Ferris” samples the theme song from the TV series The Office, but there’s not much to say about that. More interesting is the use of captions and titles throughout the music video, allowing viewers to chant along to the catchy rallying cry that is “I’m calling in sick (Ferris Bueller)!” They also soften the blow when Burgundy randomly remarks, “Amy Winehouse is gone, that bitch is dead.”

Burgundy posted on Tumblr that he is currently in the studio working on his next single, “Downtown Dreamin’.” Until then, if his song is to be believed, he will be collecting unemployment checks from the city of New York, spray-painting “save ferris” on its buildings, and lighting firecrackers at 2 a.m. - CMJ

"Save Ferris"

The Ovun endorses the song fully calling it "TUFF!" - The Ovun

"Mixtape Maestro review Save Ferris (fuck my job)"

Jobs suck.

That’s one sentiment a large chunk of the working population can agree on, and why any form of entertainment (be it a book, film or song) in which a character actually lives out the fantasy of telling a devil of a boss and depressing 9-to-5 to just kick rocks is bound to achieve, at the least, a substantial cult-following.

Enter Max Burgundy, a from Brooklyn (by way of the Bronx) indie (or is it undie or college or frat?)-rap newcomer with a new anthem for all those cubicle-imprisoned slaves out there in the form of “Save Ferris (Fuck My Job)”. - Mixtape Maestro

"Review: Max Burgundy #Waiting (self release)"

"Max Burgundy smoothes out his Bronx Hip Hop scene with a mixture of sincere and steady. With writing more like pop prose, his debut EP is not the typical New York toughness that we are accustomed to.

What we get is love lost and tough times all wrapped around a spinning technology that seems to pass him by. “Life Ain’t Funny” is big beat soul dreams scorning high times and reflecting on family misfortune..."

Zap Town Mag 3/5 stars - Zap Town Mag

"Max Burgundy Save Ferris (fuck my job) [feature and review]"

How wonderfully serendipitous. Much like Brooklyn’s Max Burgundy, I too am less than thrilled at the opportunities afforded by my present employment situation. I’m sure we’ve all been there, but Burgundy actually makes it sound enjoyable thanks to a simple loop of a well-known TV theme and some Dr. Dre produced beats. Save Ferris (Fuck My Job) itself might not be reason enough to call in sick, but I’m pretty sure that you can come up with something better than watching Murder She Wrote. - My Old Kentucky Blog

"Save Ferris on Hype Machine"

Hype tracking music blog shows how much coverage the best songs are getting and includes 2011 Summer anthem, Save Ferris in their list on July 12 24 hours after the leak of the single on my personal blog and bandcamp site. - Hype Machine

"Save Ferris"

Russian abstract hip hop blog covers the release of my huge summer song Save Ferris

International press coverage -

"New: Max Burgundy "Save Ferris""

"Lyrics are pretty humorous..."

Press coverage of my latest summer anthem, Save Ferris - surviving the golden age

"MP3 Premier: Max Burgundy"

"Max Burgundy, has a legitimately on-purpose sharp sense of humor..."

NYC based international video and music blog premier my newest internet sensation single, Save Ferris -

"Abstract Hip Hop Max Burgundy - Waiting"

Russian blog writes and article about my EP, music video and the lack of great underground rappers coming to Russia.

Great INTERNATIONAL press. -

"Max Burgundy on Baeble"

Current favorite designation on

Five star review of my second single music video. Airing on Baeble and TV - Baeble Source for music videos and concerts.

"Max Burgundy Life Ain't Funny"

Music blog Consequence of Sound airs my debut music video for Life Ain't Funny

" One scene even shows Max on the “Henry Rivera” street in the Bronx which was named after his father who died saving someone’s life. That one sentence is more than enough reason to watch." -

"Max Burgundy Life Ain't Funny"

"In the video you see a dude who looks like the typical homeless guy in the city serenading the commuters, the street, the skies, the Bronx, etc. It’s cruel to sing to New Yorkers that life ain’t funny considering how expensive it has become to be a New Yorker..." -

"Max Burgundy Gives a Guerrilla-Style Glimpse at Life as a Street Performer [VIDEO]"

National social media blog premiers my music video for my song Life Ain't Funny.

"Subway performers: To many of us, they’re just an unwanted distraction from whatever is coursing through our iPod headphones. But to hip-hop musician Max Burgundy, they’re an inspiration." -

"Too Much Rock Podcast"

Rock podcast and blog includes me in their podcast series. Too much rock rarely features hip hop artists. A true nod to my crossover appeal - too much rock

"Sonicbids Spotlight Artist of the Week"

"King of Jesus Chic" My EPK host site covers me as an interesting new upcoming artist. -

"Sonicbids Spotlight: Max Burgundy | CMJ"

"Burgundy’s flow is laid back and uses a classic rhyming style...." - CMJ

"Rappers on the Rise"

"...a missing member of Living Legends..."

Article covering, Brooklyn emcee, Max Burgundy as a new rapper at the forefront of the new hip hop movement in The United States. - Deli Magazine

"Hype Machine Posts Hey Love!"

Music blog juggernaut covers the release of Hey Love! The brand new debut single from Max Burgundy - Hype Machine

"Canny Bronx Native Drops EP Waiting"

"a helix of sound" Chicago based Nerdy Frames covers the release of my EP #Waiting May 2011 - Nerdy Frames

"Hey Love"

Press for my first single Hey Love! Produced by Babson & McKenzie from NYC hip hop blog Rule4080 - Rule 4080

"Max Burgundy - Hey Love!"

Connecticut Hip Hop blogger shows some love to my single Hey Love! On iTunes Now. May 2011 - The Hip Hop Head Brooks Brown

"Guest Writer"

A series of articles about art, culture and lifestyle. I was asked by music, culture and art blog Lost at E Minor. Check out the series - Lost at E Minor

"Max Burgundy: The Blast Interview"

Interview I did with Boston based Blast Magazine May 2011 - Blast Magazine

"Max Burgundy Drops EP Waiting"

The EP’s single “Hey Love!” is filled with chirping birds, delicate chimes, and a thumping bass. Everything adding up to one thing – pure spring music. - Heave Media

"Concert Review: Spanglish Fly and Sonia’s Party and the Everyone’s Invited Band at R Bar, NYC 3/31"

Here is a snippet from a concert review I was a featured performer at

"A little later, they did a jazzy one where after Sonia had sung her heart out, they brought up a rapper who gave a rapidfire account of his side of a love affair gone wrong. They closed with an obvious crowd-pleaser, a hip-hop duet about checking out people on the subway set to an early 70s-style funk tune." - Lucid Culture


Still working on that hot first release.



"(Max Burgundy) the Brooklyn-based artist is everything you could ask for in the next Kid Cudi wordsmith: “Rapper. Brooklyn. Real. Brilliant.”

"Max Burgundy has a legitimately on-purpose sharp sense of humor..."

“...the disc is a mix of light and heavy — ruminations about the hipster girls in his new home in Brooklyn (“I wanna ride you like a fixed gear”) to flashbacks to a rough childhood (“We were broken, broken boy, broken toy, no Geppetto, child of the ghetto”), to a modern thorough-line of social media (“Now you poke me on Facebook, write up on my wall, asking me to call”).”

“Max Burgundy [...] takes on the complexities of the world within his rhymes but refuses to forget about life’s simple pleasures.”

“ He’s like the missing member of Living Legends transplanted to the birthplace of the art, his deep baritone calling out to the masses to join him in the march towards global unification.”
- Deli Mag.

“ The EP’s single “Hey Love!” is filled with chirping birds, delicate chimes, and a thumping bass. Everything adding up to one thing – pure spring music.”
- Heave Media

"Top 5 Hip Hop Artists 2011"
- Sonicbids

So frequently do Ivy League schools profess to nurture the most creative minds of the day, but the real treasures of hallowed halls, and the ones far less heralded, are the students who’ve broken from the shackles of academia to forge their own paths to victory. Max Burgundy is one such hero and also one of an infinitely smaller fragment, an Ivy alum who can rap his ass off.

Burgundy, a Bronx native whose bout with formal education ended when he was dismissed on a drug distribution charge, spins tales rooted in nostalgia and anger, hacking down concepts like classism, racism and "the idiots that continue to perpetuate both."

Though he'd go on to spend his high school years in Southern California, Burgundy remembers vividly the New York of his childhood, from graffiti-plastered subway cars to roach infested apartment buildings replete with pissy hallways, the grimey and at times frightening reciprocal to the current hipster metropolis. "It started [when I was] in the BX," Burgundy says. "Like the shit that always struck me the most was that Pre-Guliani, Dinkins/Koch era of New York City that really doesn’t exist so much anymore, that shit just kind of lives within me. I feel like I carry the torch for all those people…"

As Burgundy's music carries all that weight today, at one time he rapped exclusively for the most honest of inspiration, the fairer sex. "I rapped to this one girl in like the 6th grade and she was really with it so everyday, probably for a month straight, she was kind of like my first incentive to rap," he says. "I just had a new freestyle everyday for her." Burgundy’s youthful optimism was shattered, however, with the murder of his father across the street from his Bronx home. His mother, a single parent librarian, would uproot the family to Cali where Burgundy's lust for life was hurled toward the West Coast's notorious gang culture, a tragic distraction from a promising basketball career. He'd go on to coast through high school, "sleeping in" during his SAT's, but it was at community college, a place he’d gone to further his hoop dreams, where Burgundy would discover his academic drive. Laboring over philosophy texts late into the night, Burgundy worked his way into an to Ivy League Education, only to find out that higher education didn't hold his destiny.

What Max Burgundy couldn't find between book covers though, was the music he'd carried within, the message he had for the world. Today Burgundy's music reflects a worldly sensibility, his rhyme style drawing influence from his New York roots as well as the time he spent in Southern California rapping under the tutelage of West Coast legends like Mitchy Slick and Murs. Burgundy has studied writers from all walks, from French philosopher Descartes to "everything ever written" by classic American novelists Norman Mailer and F. Scott Fitzgerald. "I wake up, I’ll go pick up a new book, I’ll go teach myself something," Burgundy says. "I’ve always had that mentality." Whether talking pop culture or the idiosyncratic behavior of the women he dates, Burgundy can play everyman, speaking sense to relationships and the peculiar and sometimes detestable ways people treat each other.

On The Murder of Mark Fuhrman, Burgundy's breakout mixtape, the rapper bears his soul through a gaggle of flows, touching on the strained relationship with his mother on "Momma Tol Me," coming off like an enlightened LL Cool J on the flowery "A La Mode," and delivering an irie free association in "Want Some." The Murder of Mark Fuhrman is the latest manifestation of an altruistic life view, the artist using his art to heal and to inform. "I rap because it’s a way for me to tell my story," he says. "I have an obligation to do it because I know there are other pe