Max Galactic and the Cloud of Evil

Max Galactic and the Cloud of Evil


Max Galactic and the Cloud of Evil are a Toronto band that have appeared like a breath of fresh air in a field of soundalike scenesters and derivative indie rock. Taking a mix of blues, jazz, and rock and blending them all through a high octane funk, they never fail to win a crowd.


Max Galactic and the Cloud of Evil are a Toronto based band that has been delighting audiences for almost two years with their unique sound that combines blues, jazz, rock n’ roll, and swing. Intellectual but danceable, sophisticated but not pretentious, the band never fails to win a crowd. The growling baritone of the singer, the dancing high notes of the clarinet, and the virtuosity of the keyboards, all poised in front of a rock solid rhythm section combine to produce an instantly recognizable and original sound. The Galactic gang has become a mainstay of the Toronto music scene.

The band met in 2006 as students in residence at the University of Toronto. Playing late night jam sessions and sharing song ideas, clarinetist John Williams and guitarist Nick Gair quickly developed a small repertoire of original songs. Soon after, drummer Justin Ruppel and bassist Mike Tersigni were recruited as a rhythm section, launching the band into full swing. James Robinson was added on keys in early 2007 to officially complete the Cloud of Evil.

The band has performed events of all shapes and sizes across the city of Toronto. Max Galactic has been featured at a number of concerts at the universities in Toronto, and have performed successful shows filling The Opera House, Lee’s Palace, The Horseshoe Tavern, and the El Mocambo. The band has received attention from a number of Toronto radio stations, and even received national airplay from CBC radio. The band released their first self-titled album in the summer of 2006 at Skylight Studio under the production of Tyler Dewitt. In fall of 2006, Max Galactic completed their first music video for the song "St.James Infirmary" under director Jordan Hellyer.

The band is currently working on their second album, which they are recording in Spring 2008.


Business in the Graveyard

Written By: Nick Gair

If there is nothing in the cellar
And there is nothing in the well
Then there's nothing left to say here
There's nothing any of us can tell

We had business in the graveyard
We all heard that chapel bell
We're gonna take this all down with us
We're gonna take it straight to hell

When you see your families
Tell them I am doing well
But don't mention what we've done here
And don't mention that old well

We had business in the graveyard
We all heard that chapel bell
If I don't see any of you next Christmas
I will see you all in hell

St. James Infirmary

Written By: Nick Gair

I was called to St. James Infirmary
And asked if I knew her face
And though I will miss company
Much more I will miss her taste

You know once I had two women
And neither one could I trust
One only touched me sweetly
And the other just fed my lust

And long days I've had no woman
And in my guitar I confide
The soft of your neck down my fretboard
And my fingers where you like to hide

When I die don't let me go to heaven
I'm sorry Lord, but I don't want that
'Cuz your bands don't swing
Which might not mean a thing
But right now it's all I've got


Max Galactic and the Cloud of Evil - Full Length Album - Summer 2006
- recorded at Sky Light Studio in Toronto
- songs from the album were featured on CBC
Radio Shows "Freestyle" and "Fresh Air", CBC
Radio 2, CBC Radio 3, CIUT 89.5FM and
Humber College Radio 96.9FM
- the album was also featured on CKUA's radio
show "Nightcap", and CIUT''s "Electric
- On internet radio, the album was featured on
"Liquid Lunch" at during a
half hour interview with the band.

The Circus - To be recorded in spring 2008

Set List

Our set list varies from show to show as we have an expansive collection of original songs and instrumentals we like to play.

Here is a typical set list from a recent 45min show:

1. Torontov’s Journey (a high-energy instrumental polka)
2. Louise (a popular rock number)
3. I am Fred Nesby (groovy instrumental with band member introductions)
4. Mack the Knife (swing cover)
5. Blind Czar (klezmer jazz instrumental)
6. December's Waltz (rock waltz)
7. Cold Hearted Woman (classic blues cover)
8. Wild Things (swing instrumental with audience participation)
9. Rum Song (an Irish drinking gigue)
10. Master of the Wolves (comedic rock instrumental)
11. John Goes to the Country (bluegrass instrumental with big finish)

*Different set lists available upon request.