Max García Conover

Max García Conover

 Portland, Maine, USA

Nationally touring songwriter & one man band


Max García Conover was studying to be a political speechwriter when he decided to leave Maine and move into his great grandparents long-abandoned apartment in Puerto Rico. Unable to find work in San Juan, he started playing music for tips on the street, making up his own songs once he'd exhausted his 2-song repertoire of Dylan covers. That was eight years ago and he's been writing and performing nonstop ever since, playing 200 shows in 2015, sharing the stage with bands like Frontier Ruckus & Lake Street Dive, combining danceable foot drum & guitar work, cinematic songwriting, and captivating storytelling.


Wildfires Outside Laramie, WY

Written By: Max Garcia Conover

wildfires outside laramie, wy

I bought a box chockablock of tangerines
and I keep it on the floor behind the passenger seat
find me at the wildfire way too late
with a watering can and a roll of ticker tape
find me in your college shirt tapping my feet
find me on the road when you need something sweet

sighing when the sound gets low
sending songs up to god I don't
singing to the burning leaves sing until the fireweed grows

on wyoming roads
passing piles of coal
when our only hope
is to let it be
i'm for you
you're for me

in the last days of August the birds flew slow
in the rippling skies in the herbicide smoke
and the county helicopters dropped quarter mile rope
it was moving too fast it was too hard to hold
find me outside of laramie
shouting at the freeway and chopping down trees

sighing when the sound gets low...

on wyoming roads...

rained 3 days it was all white noise
state officials over credited and overjoyed
you said the rain never fell back in laramie
and it's burning still and they're chopping down trees
next summer I'll be back with something more sweet
next summer I'll be back with whatever you need

sighing when the sound gets low...

on wyoming roads...


EP #1 (2011)
Birches Lo (2012)
Burrow (2013)
Ellery (2014)