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"MaD MaXxx graduates and collaborates with Platinum Producer!"

Ohio¡¦s own Michael V.T Mosley, MaD MaXxx, graduated from the University of Akron last Saturday with a Bachelor¡¦s degree in Media Production and a Pre Law minor. In addition, MaXxx is broadcasting the new platinum edition of the ¡§Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show¡¨, which specifically features the music of platinum Bay area producer Mike Mosley. ¡§We share the same first and last name. People were always pointing that out to me even before I started making music. I offered to create the show for him,¡¨ stated MaD MaXxx. ¡§I fantasized about connecting with the guy who worked with Tupac, E-40, the Outlaws and that whole west coast clique. Life is what you make it.¡¨ Catch a double dose of Mike Mosley from Mid to West coast at from 11 ¡V 12 pm EST everyday. Direct info, play lists and featured artists like DJ Cochise, Nexxis, Maurice-Moe, No Illusion, Urbanesque, Infinity and other major artists can be accessed through
In other news, Heat Rock Promotions proudly congratulates MaD MaXxx for being named as a Featured Hip Hop/Rap Jammer! OUTSTANDING rap/hip hop music. Radio screens thousands of songs by indie artists and names the best hip hop/rap artists, Featured Jammers, based on reviewed recording quality, songwriting quality, and musicianship. In addition, MaD MaXxx¡¦s unreleased single titled ¡§Play My Disc!¡¨ remained on Pitt Radio¡¦s Top Ten list for over five weeks. The current unreleased track available at Pitt Radio is called ¡§Forevermore¡¨
Lastly, all M3 online contest submissions will be reviewed shortly. Winners will be announced in February. Personal inquiries, suggestions, questions and concerns already submitted via email will be addressed at the top of the New Year. Also, MaD MaXxx¡¦s millennium production company, ¡§Shockwave Studios,¡¨ is currently searching for those in demand of platinum production. Shockwave studios specialize in professional audio creation and manipulation, radio production and promotion, and ghost writing in every genre of music. If you want the future of music representing your product, contact M3 Records (Ohio, USA)
Catch the original ¡§Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show¡¨ on at 6 p.m. EST and at 10 p.m. on You can also tap into the "Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show" on everyday from 2 p.m. - 3p.m. GMT or play the demand stream whenever at Go to or call 330 ¡V 990 ¡V 4530 for more information. If you or someone you know is interested in receiving solid radio rotation, or would like to have their poems, music of any genre, opinions, internet business or any other related items showcased on the ¡§Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show¡¨, visit or send your material to M3 Records, ATTN: Pro Flow Show, P.O. Box 8287, Akron Ohio 44320.
„¦ 2004
- Heat Rock Promotions

"All Star MaD MaXxx jams w/ Beyonce & LeBron James!"

Millennium Music Mission Records
P.O. Box 8287 Akron, Ohio 44320 330 – 990 – 4530
Heat Rock Promotions
All Star MaD MaXxx jams w/ Beyonce & LeBron James! Feb. 14, 2005
The host of the internationally syndicated “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show” has just finished mixing the Millennium reproduction of “Naughty Girl” ft. Beyonce and MaD MaXxx. Currently the unreleased trophy track can be heard on or Further access will be granted through outlets such as the M3 Fan Club, Pro Flow Radio Show and through the VIP Room at MaD MaXxx stated, “You’ll never hear anything like it. That’s how we do things. After people hear my tracks they’ll be enlightened to new dimensions of hip hop funk.” M3 Records’ prophetic hometown ballad about NBA All Star LeBron James and the new Beyonce remix will be entertaining millions leading up to and following NBA All Star weekend. However, this parallel is not a stroke of luck. “This is an organic indie operation.” MaXxx continued lightheartedly, “Every time I lay it down, platinum sound. The LeBron track is like his rookie card.”
Tune in to the “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show” radio program to hear raw and refined international pop, hip hop, rap, rock all stars like Africa’s top rap lyrical warrior Fishe or New York’s underground pop divas Kama Linden and Nina Martinez How about California’s roster of indie hit makers like “Kemo”, The Camp Music Group, or Sweden’s “Mr. Loco”, Florida’s “Lil Rock Dogs”, Australia’s “Ask Bob”, Cleveland’s “Dirt”, Detroit’s own Adam Thick and even Canada’s “Dahlia Wakefield” and “Kate Ashby-Craft”. Catch the original “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show” on,,,,, or at Call 330 – 990 – 4530 for more information. Send your material to M3 Records, ATTN: Pro Flow Show, P.O. Box 8287, Akron Ohio 44320. copyright 2004
- Heat Rock Promotion

"MaD MaXxx internationally nominated as Best Poet 2004"

Congratulations to the World’s 1st self proclaimed #1 rap musician for being nominated and internationally recognized as one of the best poets registered with The International Library of Poetry. After an exhaustive examination of poetic artistry, The International Library of Poetry wishes to feature an entire page devoted exclusively to the poetry of Michael V.T Mosley (MaD MaXxx) in a collection of new poems written by the Best Poets ever encountered. MaD MaXxx was chosen to participate in this elite publication because his previously published poetry sparks the imagination and presents the reader with a fresh, unique perspective on life. “It was just a spur of the moment decision to enter,” said Mr. MaXxx. “I’m not too surprised though because the people respond to reality. Wait till they feel it over a Shockwave melody on my second solo album.” For more information on The International Library of Poetry, visit Look out for “Poetry Palace” coming to
In Entertainment news, MaD MaXxx has just completed reproducing, remixing and mastering two scorching tracks with the Bronx’s own Kama Linden (Angrichik). The two remixes entitled, “Pretty Young Thang” (Young & Pretty remix) and “Let Your Hair Down” (Uninhibited remix), can be sampled at or “The songs are a prelude to the second album No Compromise Unconditional Surrender, stated MaXxx.” “We’ve got about five or six singles separate from the album that we want to release first. So when its time for No Compromise vol. 2, the national market will be familiar with the new wave of jams.”
“My talent is unmatched worldwide,” continued MaD MaXxx with a modest smile. “There is an entire market open that folks like Jigga, Buck, Jada, 50 Cent, Diddy, Kanye and others have barely capitalized on because of content issues. I guarantee global success. I’ve got The Music Solution. The public can’t resist fresh new platinum wax; Grammy caliber cuts set to explode soon as you turn it on!”
You can easily see if this Media Production major posses the juice by tuning into MaD MaXxx’s “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show” radio program on Wednesdays at 11 a.m., Fridays at 6 p.m. & Saturdays 10 p.m. EST ( You can also tune into from 12-1 p.m. GMT everyday and catch Prow Flow Radio. If that’s not enough, then listen to the “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show” Fridays at 10 p.m. EST & Saturdays at 6 a.m. EST on Copyright 2004
- Heat Rock Pro.

"Cavalier¡¦s 1st LeBron James Song on another Level"

With the steady build of intense anticipation stemming from MaD MaXxx¡¦s upcoming sequel album release entitled ¡§No Compromise, Unconditional Surrender¡¨, the veteran hip hop wordsmith and his Millennium mob has recorded and released online at, the Unofficially Official Lebron James Song originating straight from Akron Ohio. Curious ears can go to and sample or download the entire two-part song entitled, ¡§King Pain¡¨, free of charge. ¡§The song¡¥s like combining the athletic accuracy, grace and dominance of Michael Jordan with the aggression and passion of say Tupac. It¡¦s hot¡¨, said MaD MaXxx of Millennium Music Mission Records (M3 Records). The two-part adventure sky rockets as soon as you hit the play button with a dynamic interweaving of words, instruments, and emotions leaving you overwhelming shell-shocked and yearning for more. ¡§We just strive to prove our credibility and maintain the highest esteem in creative pro audio production.¡¨ After leaving the #1 college radio station in the nation, uninformed fans are left with a fading memory of Mr. MaXxx¡¦s distinguished radio takeover personality. But the Media Production major and his new wave producing partner, NuJam, continue to provide music lovers with a fresh, full, cool and clean sound founded as ¡§The Music Solution¡¨. With accomplishments like No Compromise vol. 1, Bally¡¦s, Kent State, ZTV, and WZIP tailored segues and theme songs, M3 Records personifies versatility and sets the stage for what could very well be the most underrated album release of 2004, No Compromise; Unconditional Surrender vol. 2. Initially, very few ears will have the immediate opportunity to hear MaD MaXxx kick hip hop to another level. M3 Records released the ¡§King Pain¡¨ King James song for public download on February 5th 2004 with intentions to groove the world into a hip hop renaissance. Who knows when the denial of the state will break, but MaD MaXxx¡¦s second solo multiple track heat wave is soon to detonate while resistors underestimate into submission. M3 Records is a media system corporation based in Akron Ohio. Any questions or comments can be addressed at the source, Sample ¡§the future of pro audio¡¨ online at „¦ 2004 Millennium Mission Records - Heat Rock Pro

"Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic jams with MaD MaXxx!"

After an honorary performance at the Dorothy Jackson annual picnic, there is no doubt that MaD MaXxx is a solid candidate for the next 1st round pro music draft. MaD MaXxx commented, “It was a good experience, and I was surprised to see the mayor since he spoke in my state and local government class the previous day. He was cool with the groove, and he could be bumpin’ my funk right now.” After performing songs from “Millennium Mix; Industry Remix vol. 1” and “No Compromise; Unconditional Surrender vol. 2”, MaD MaXxx posed for pictures with Mayor Plusquellic and AMHA residents. Also premiering live with MM was a new independent hip hop artist known as Gino Mack. The two solo artists presented their 1st new hit single entitled, “What’s Good”, which can be heard in the mix tape area at “The audience was diverse, but they kept coming up to us with flattering comments”, said Gino Mack. “I’m on it. I’m ready for this.”
Special thanks to Copley Tool Rental, Millennium Music Mission Records, Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, Mayor Don Plusquellic, and of course, Dorothy Jackson. Don’t forget, you can now catch the original “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show” on at 6 p.m. EST and at 10 p.m. on You can also tap into the "Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show" on everyday from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. GMT or play the demand stream whenever at Go to or call 330 – 990 – 4530 for more information.
To obtain more details on the M3 & M4 Indie & New Artist radio invasion, visit If you or someone you know is interested in receiving solid radio rotation, or would like to have their poems, music of any genre, opinions, internet business or any other related items showcased on the “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show”, visit or send your material to M3 Records, ATTN: Pro Flow Show, P.O. Box 8287, A
- Heat Rock Pro

"MaD MaXxx Bust Back with"

The world of entertainment never sleeps. You can picture MaD MaXxx as the proverbial unrelenting musical scientist toiling away in his organic lab. As the industry fluctuates, MaD MaXxx continues his platinum pursuit with another appearance in the world wide contest. The unreleased track entitled, “MilliMack”, has been selected as one of the “Sweet 16” song finalists and is currently competing in the Preliminary Round. This is MaD MaXxx’s third appearance in the Make a Star online competition. “The song represents a character that all guys want to be and most ladies want to be with. It may come out on the third solo joint”, said MaD MaXxx. “I put it together a while back but it’s a glimpse into the future.” The contest is underway now so go to and vote for MaD MaXxx and “MilliMack” in “Club 1”. Voting is free and you automatically receive Sweepstakes entries each time you vote in any of the matches. You can also get bonus entries by referring friends. Check in at to hear more Millennium Music and learn more about this upcoming event.
Also look out for the upcoming cutting edge collaboration between the Bronx’s Kama Linden and the world’s own MaD MaXxx entitled, “Young & Pretty” (remix). New York’s foxy pop diva allowed MaD MaXxx of M3 Records to reproduce and remix the sassy single off her solo project entitled, “Uninhibited”. You can sample the first remix song at or
Lastly, congratulations to the “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show” radio program and all contributing musicians. MaD MaXxx’s unmistakable show can now be heard on Wednesdays at 11 a.m., Fridays at 6 p.m. & Saturdays 10 p.m. EST ( You can also tune into from 12-1 p.m. GMT everyday and catch Prow Flow Radio. If that’s not enough, then listen to the “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show” Fridays at 10 p.m. EST & Saturdays at 6 a.m. EST on Copyright 2004
- Heat Rock Pro

"MaD MaxXx aiming for stardom with WZIP show"

Posted on Sun, Aug. 31, 2003

MaD MaxXx aiming for stardom with WZIP show
Mini-music empire puts Akron student on course
By Denise Grollmus
Beacon Journal staff writer

Ludacris did it, so maybe Mike Mosley can do it, too.

After landing a production job rapping over promos on the late show at Atlanta's Hot 97.5-FM, Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris, worked his way into the elite of hip-hop.

And while Ludacris is sipping on Courvoisier in an SUV stretch limo, Mosley, who uses the moniker MaD MaxXx, is coincidentally planning his own hip-hop takeover through radio's back door.

When MaD MaxXx takes over the airwaves at WZIP (88.1-FM) with his show The Pro Flow Fa Sho Show, although the same tiring playlist of

Christina Aguilera and Nelly continues, it's the heavily vocoded voice, ambient beats, and apocalyptic rhymes of show segues and station IDs that call the listener's attention.

``Radio is a way for people to become familiar with me. I want people to believe in me and get into me. I want to be people's personal friend, that's what being a DJ is all about,'' Mosley said.

Mosley, who's 22 and a media production student at Akron University, landed his DJ job at WZIP, one of the top college radio stations in the country, when people at the station got hold of his homemade CD, No Compromise (available at The Record Exchange in the local section), and started pushing him to join up.

``I didn't think I was gonna be able to do it, just being in a wheelchair and everything. There are so many limitations. I mean, a building might be wheelchair accessible, but that doesn't always mean you can fit through doors and hallways and stuff,'' Mosley said.

In 1996, when he was a starting point guard for Copley High School's varsity basketball team, Mosley was riding in a car with his sister when she took a turn too fast. The accident left Mosley partially paralyzed.

As we talk in his Akron apartment, Mosley sits upright in his wheelchair with the complete use of his upper body, except for his hands.

Mosley and I are the same age. If he could stand up, his slender physique would tower over mine. And as I sit across from him in his homemade studio, listening to him spit quick and witty rhyme and talking about Tupac, his ambition and accomplishments make me feel ages younger.

While many twenty-somethings are down and out, sulking about the hard economic times or their lack of motivation, Mosley, with the help of his father, Juan Mosley, has built his own mini-empire, The Millennium Music Mission and M3 Records, promoting himself as a self-taught musician, producer, rapper, label owner, Web and graphic designer.

``I can't not succeed at what I'm doing,'' Mosley said. ``Music is my life, it's my basketball, and when I get on the court I have to win, and I always dominate.''

Mosley first started writing rhymes to help him deal with his accident. However, music became more than therapy, and Mosley started teaching himself how to create beats on his computer, while honing his skills as an MC. Actually, as multiple MCs.

Though his father, aka NuJam, sometimes acts as the MaD MaxXx hypeman, Mosley has a variety of characters, colored by different digital voicing effects and rhyme styles, taking turns at the mike.

``I have about four different characters, all sort of inhuman and cyber,'' Mosley said.

``It's a way for me to develop parts of my personality that a lot of people can't see. I often feel schizophrenic and I develop characters out of my moods to keep myself, you know, Mike, at a distance. Of all the characters, Mike Mosley is the weakest and the strongest is MaD MaxXx.''

MaD MaxXx is the character through which Mosley broadcasts his radio show. It's helped him build an audience of listeners who call in and chum it up with Mosley's imagination.

``I sometimes wonder if people know I'm in a wheelchair, like how they would feel when they realized that this guy they have in their head may not be real. I'm not worried about it. I try not to get caught up in those issues, I let it challenge me, I use it to boost my drive,'' Mosley said.

Everything Mosley knows about audio production, he's taught himself. When he first started, he had no framework for how to build a beat, how to structure a song with a chorus, where to put different instruments in the final mix, or how to make his rhymes work with the music.

Spending all of his time writing, performing, recording, and mixing his own music, Mosley made a lot of mistakes along the way. However, the mistakes he made weren't always bad, and some of his ways of building songs add a freshness to his music beyond what others are trying to do.

Songs are tripped out with frantic energy, thick layers of keyboards, sound effects, and the fast-paced bounce of his Bone Thugs-influenced style.

And while a lot of the music is seemingly dark, MaD MaxXx is never telling thug tales of guns and violence, but rather speaking from a place of intellect and insight.

It's a quirk that sets him apart. Rather than talking about his woes, like many rappers who enjoy throwing pity parties about being from the streets, Mosley raps about possibilities with a psychedelic sense of imagination.

``I'm not into making money off of degrading women or talking about shooting people. I mean, that would be ridiculous. I can't even pick up a gun!'' said Mosley.

Living a life where he'll always be different, Mosley has learned to embrace his uniqueness. His conviction and commitment even landed him in trouble at WZIP when he tried to stray from the station's format by playing Tupac and Wu-Tang.

``No matter any disagreements I have had with the station, the bottom line is that they've supported me and allowed me to air my voice. They've allowed me to put myself out there,'' Mosley said.

When asked what he would do if he never reached hip-hop stardom, Mosley said, ``I'm not gonna lie, I'm not gonna be happy. But I'm also gonna say that it's going to happen, even if not this year or next. I'll graduate, go to (WENZ) 107.9, and promote that way. This has to happen.''

Hey, it worked for Ludacris.

- Akron Beacon Journal

"Lebron James in Song"

LeBron In Song
Danger Mouse made an unofficial album and won praise and new fans. An Ohio rapper just made an unofficial tribute to basketball child prodigy LeBron James and...and what?

Akron-based rapper MaD MaXxx (note the upper and lowercase letters) and his Millennium Mob recorded a song about Cleveland Cavaliers player James. "The song‘s like combining the athletic accuracy, grace and dominance of Michael Jordan with the aggression and passion of say Tupac," says MaD MaXxx. "It’s hot.”

You decide for yourself


No Compromise; Losing Contact vol. 1
No Compromise; Unconditional Surrender vol. 2
Millennium Mix; Industry Remix vol. 1
Millennium Mix; Industry Remix vol. 2


Feeling a bit camera shy


Arriving with the Music Solution, Michael Mosley captivates the heart of all audiences as the premiere jazz rap musician and lyricist of the new millennium. Mr. Mosley is on the innovative cutting edge. No longer will the ear of the people be dissatisfied with the adulterated entertainment served up by today’s music artist impersonators. The multitalented young man has defied all odds to usher in a new fresh flavor, the highest degree of premium entertainment unmatched by his contemporaries. In 1996, at age 15, Michael displayed promising potential as an advanced High School point guard before being injured in a single car accident dashing all basketball prospects. Michael began his comeback by focusing on a way to relate his ordeal to others. He began exploring music and creative expression as a release and a means to overcome his frustrations. Although having no musical training, he began designing instrumental mixes and accompanying, thought provoking lyrics on his laptop and thus developed his own unique eclectic arrangements.
Michael attended Kent State University pursuing a degree in Mass Communication. Chance encounters with other aspiring artist helped consummate his rare style. It wasn’t until enrolling at The University of Akron, in 2001, that Michael’s creative expressions began blossoming into original musical compositions where he employed a variety of instruments, Pianos, Basses, Guitars, Percussions, Strings, Flutes and many other synthesized sounds in his complex musical schemes. Soon after, he acquired a four track mixer to record his first song under his father’s creative supervision. His father, Juan Mosley, then began implementing years of training to form M3 Records, a locally established Independent Record label featuring Michael Mosley as his solo artist. Michael and his father wrote and recorded their first home grown album which they sold around their hometown of Akron, Ohio. After gaining the confidence of the people, the dynamic duo advanced and rerecorded their first album, “No Compromise; Losing Contact, Tracks of My Peers” at EHB studios on which Michael, aka, Mad MaXxx performs all vocals. Michael and Juan continue to market and promote their ideas through what they term as “The Music Solution” with intentions to touch thoughts worldwide.

M3 Records boasts that their songs are all original works, no remixes of other artist’s works. M3 Records specializes in professional audio production as well as marketing graphic and website design. M3 Records provides extraordinary rap, jazz, R&B, pop, rock, and club flavor music renditions without profanity, sexual connotations or violence, silencing the theory that there can be no appealing music without such subject matter. Michael has finished recording his second scintillating CD, “No Compromise, Unconditional Surrender” at EHB studios, to be released in the summer of 2005 while he also writes and composes for his fourth solo album. Michael has also broadcasted his live “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show” radio show being Ohio’s only rapping DJ at the #1 college radio station in the nation (WZIP 88.1 FM in Akron). His show can now be heard internationally through, and Michael also graduated in December 2004 with a Media Production major and Pre Law minor. The beat goes on, and the story behind the music continues.