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Maximilian Eubank

Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"efolkMusic CD Review"

Crisp compilation of feel good tracks with mellow acoustic guitar and a soothing lyrical presence. Of the songs on the CD, Pick of the Litter, Lawman Says Amen, Brother Man and Concrete are the cream of this musical crop. -

"Review by Kelly Leaman"

Des Moines singer/songwriter Maximilian Eubank's "10:00 in the Afternoon" is a stellar acoustic gem that, while reminiscent of many of the well-known national acts of this particular category, has a brilliance all of its own.
Borrowing from the influence of many different musical genres, it's hard to categorize just what it is that makes it tick. Some songs have more of a bluesy folk feel, some are a soulful indie alt-rock flavor, while others are simply acoustic rock at its finest.
Eubank sings his original, deep, and sometimes quirky lyrics with a profound conviction and a vocal clarity that sweeps you up and forces you to listen to what he is actually saying. There are no empty lyrics here; everything has a meaning and a purpose, like poetry set to music. Several of the songs come at you with an effortless rapid-fire storytelling that leaves you practically breathless, while some are pure earnest enthusiasm set to catchy melodies and smooth acoustic riffs. Eubank doesn't stick to the traditional and sometimes clichéd topics that have become commonplace in this genre; instead, he strays from the safe and tackles a wider range of subject matter that makes you think and might possibly even startle you. Eubank's vocals shine so clearly that it would almost be tragic to add in any more accompanying instrumentation - his voice and his guitar are a perfect match, and they need nothing else.
"10:00 in the Afternoon" is clearly just a snapshot of the talent that created it, and is a must-listen for any true music lover.
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"Article by J. Sharpe Smith"

When Maximilian Eubank crosses the stage of the Drake University Law School commencement ceremony next spring and has a law degree placed in his hand, he might just have a guitar in the other.

"I've made my choice. I am not going to be a lawyer. That is just not me," Eubank said. "I am trying to ride the music thing as hard as I can while I am here."

When Eubank takes the stage to play, he is a solo act, precisely picking and stroking the strings on his acoustic Taylor guitar. Playing solo ensures that the audience hears every delicious lick, slide, pull off and hammer. The song "Lawman Says Amen," for example, showcases his mastery of guitar picking and power chords before settling into a jazzy groove.

His vocals are laced with emotion and are delivered with the same meticulous care. His autobiographical lyrics touch on the range of emotion.

"When I write a song, it is kind of like creating a musical diary," Eubank said. "Sometimes I don't want to show it to people, because it's a piece of me."

For example, "Pick of the Litter," is a "lashing out song" at those who doubted him and his desire to take music seriously. Musically, it is fascinating, using rap-style lyrics backed only by his strumming. It's hip-hop unplugged.

By contrast, "More to Life than Roses" shows a more tender side of him. It is a soft, contemplative ballad with intricate fingering, reminiscent of Jimmy Page.

"That song is about looking for love ... and once you find it, running away because you don't understand it," Eubank said.

Eubank listens to a broad range of music from Led Zeppelin to Mos Def and from Black Sabbath to Al Green. In particular, he cites the influence of Jack Johnson, Martin Sexton and Jason Mraz.

Eubank has been playing guitar more than a dozen years. While majoring in business at the University of Colorado, Boulder, he began to play solo gigs. Three years ago he began performing steadily while going to law school. He released his first CD, "10:00 in the afternoon," this year. After graduation, he says further business education is a possibility.

"You would think it would be easy to pick [music or a corporate career]," he said. "I would love to play music the rest of my life, but it depends on other factors than my wants and desires."

When Eubank receives his juris doctorate, he will have two higher-education degrees that would pull him in starkly different directions from music. Choosing which road to take can't be an easy one. But his fans know which one they want him to take. - Des Moines Register Datebook

"Review by Jana Pochop"

10:00 in the Afternoon is a poetic twist of words and grooves that captures the listener immediately but keeps the lyrical hijinx coming with each tune. Maximilian Eubank is an engaging writer with a sense of humor and a unique outlook on the world. Reminiscent of Howie Day or Jason Mraz, Eubank presents himself with just vocals and acoustic guitar. It works because he is a unique writer and offers variety with his vocal techniques and stylings. He can go from speech-singing to a falsetto in one note, and his voice easily handles everything from pop to rap to blues.

"Drooling" is a good twist on that age-old song topic of spotting a hot person across the room. It takes us from, "You been winking at me and I been winking at you" to "I can't separate myself from the sound of love." It's a tune that could easily be on everyone's summer soundtrack with some good sing-along acrobatics to it.

"Lawman Says Amen" is the more traditional fingerstyle acoustic groove that singer-songwriters are known for, but Eubank varies the rhythms and groove enough that it could almost be an instrumental. His melodic lines are excellent in both his chords and his words. Surprises are scattered throughout the record, like a whistle solo on "S'aint No Sunday Song" to catchy riffs like the intro and almost country-fied solo in "Pick Your Poison."

Somewhere along the line it became cute for folkie singer-songwriters to have a token rap song in their arsenal in an attempt to look varied and open to other styles of music. Many times it just sounds like a folk singer trying to sing fast and failing to be cool. On "Pick of the Litter," Eubank actually pulls it off; he raps the verses and launches into a singable chorus. The song takes a stand and declares that what Eubank has to say is relevant and deserves a listen. Indeed it does. -

"Review by Dan Vidal"

Maximilian Eubank is not your average acoustic guitarist. His rhythmic strumming is accompanied by country/folkish vocals that sometimes suddenly bust out into tongue-twisting, strangely good raps. It’s like Tenacious D – with real substance behind the novelty. “Not Make Believe” is one of his more traditional acoustic tracks, soaked in his signature introspective lyrics. I highly recommend checking out some of his other stuff to see what he is fully capable of.
- URB Magazine


Debut Album: 10:00 in the Afternoon
2009: Standby
2010: ???????



Hailing from Des Moines, Iowa, Maximilian Eubank writes a cross genre of Acoustic music, blending the sounds with a sense of Folk, Folk Rock, Anti-Folk, Acoustic Rock and Acoustic Alternative sensibility. With a commitment to melodies that are interesting and infectious, Maximilian embarked upon his musical passions at the tender age of fourteen. He ignited an Acoustic guitar band, Triple Vision, writing and creating the majority of the music and lyrics that comprised the trio's sound. In a few years Triple Vision turned into a larger band, Euforia, of which he was the lead singer and rhythm guitar. These experiences led Maximilian to eventually moving to Colorado and defining his voice as a singer/songwriter on the music circuit. Maximilian's lyrics and records tend to reflect an introspective point of view regarding lost and found love, systematic injustice, faith and the everyday hardships that effect life. In 2008, Maximilian compiled his years of experience into independently recording his debut LP, 10:00 in the Afternoon. The album spawned the success of quite a few standout singles. Maximilian has been heavily influenced by such industry greats who include Martin Sexton, Bradley Nowell, Jason Mraz, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. These inspirations can be heard within the melodic illustration of sound that creates some of Maximilian's most popular singles, Brother Man and Pick of the Litter.

All of Maximilian’s music is saturated in a lyrical message that is therapeutic, suggesting that everyone in the world is indirectly affected by the same modes of emotion. Maximilian creates songs that evoke a strong sense of emotion in his listeners, as well as framing the feelings that existed during the moments in which the track was recorded. Maximilian's music ties humanity in union, as his metaphoric and abstract lyrics also reveal the idea of sharing our experiences and taking them into the world; living connected, instead of living as individuals fighting for all of our material wants and needs. Maximilian has delivered his messages by performing center stage at various coffee house, bar and concert venues across Boulder, Denver, Chicago, Omaha, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. He has had the privilege of being able to juxtapose his original voice and telling lyrics, with jokes that always ease his audience into the confines of his live performances. He recently became Cedar Rapids’ first ever Acoustic Idol and Des Moines' City View’s 2010 Best Local Musician. Standby is Maximilan’s newest musical collection from 2009 and is an EP that successfully exemplifies his range as an acoustic musician. He is planning to finish his third album in three years in 2010. Maximilian Eubank wants to continue creating honest music that will forge his career into a time and space where he will be able to live his life. All the while reinventing the manufactured sound of mainstream, American music.