Maximillian Keene

Maximillian Keene


Rootsy amaricana influenced indie pop rock


Seattle, Washington -- "Rootsy Americana" is what Maximillian Keene likes to call his brand of emotional acoustic-electric pop rock music. On Keene's second release, Too, Keene is joined by a tastefully subdued backing band. Together, the Maximillian Keene Band delivers 10 passionate, folky rock songs that revolve around Keene's penchant for crafting songs where "loveĆ’{or unrequited loveĆ’{is the muse" and his free-flowing musical and lyrical style is the reward. Referring to himself as "a reluctant singer," Keene's soulful voice and poetic, heart-on-his-sleeve writing melt together on Too in a way that fans of rock, pop, country, folk and blues can all connect with.

As a child growing up in Oakland, CA, Keene picked up a guitar and practiced for hours a day, taking lessons and learning rock and metal classics by Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. At 14, Keene's arts-centric family moved to Mexico, a move that allowed Keene a chance to hang out in the blues bars and jam with the musicians on stage. While Keene grew up playing rock and blues classics, his biggest joy as a musician came from writing his own songs, a love of creativity he passes on to his current guitar students.

Keene's second full-length album, Too, runs a musical gamut that can sound modern, old fashioned, retro and futuristic, all at the same time. Key songs like the bluesy, fuzz-filled slide of "Good in Bed" and the dreamy, harmony-drenched ballad "Home" shows Keene as both a seasoned music veteran and a young-at-heart newcomer full of promise and talent.

"Being a story teller allows a good opportunity for me to capture a sense of intimacy with the audience," says Keene. "No matter what the setting, I like to make a very special kind of connection playing my music for people."


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