Maximum Angel

Maximum Angel


A Unique Blend of jazz-fusion, metal, classic rock, and 80s alt rock/ pop. Steely Dan meets Soundgarden, Weather Report meets Def Leppard, Prince meets Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac meets Sonic Youth. Unique song subjects/lyrics, laced w/ tongue-in-cheek humor and literary/pop culture references


Maximum Angel is comprised of musicians from the Philadelphia/ West Chester, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware areas. The songwriting and recording is primarily done by the core members: Scott Wardell (Guitars), James Wardell (Drums), Jason DeCaestecker, (guitars), Rico Rivera(congas), and Geoff Giordano (Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocals). Several local talented musicians have been brought in for recording sessions and live performances, to fill in spots for keys, bass, horns, vocals, percussion, etc. They have been performing in venues in Delaware and West Chester since last year (2003). Their style is a hybrid of many styles of rock and roll, spanning genres across the board. They play original music, as well as a wide variety of covers.
In live performances, they have covered artists as varied as Steely Dan, Soundgarden, Porno For Pyros, Prince, Sonic Youth, Tortoise, Led Zeppelin and Talking Heads. They try to incorporate all kinds of style of rock and roll into their music. Straight ahead Classic rock, Alternative rock, Progressive rock, Punk, Jazz Fusion, Electronica, 70s Soft rock, and 80s pop, etc. Their goal is to fuse pop music with valid rock and roll, and we think they have succeeded.

Their songwriting technique includes subtle jazz fusion-influenced compositions mixed with the abstractions of alternative rock, carved with a pop sensibility, yet too obscure to be pop, and too catchy to be underground- street credit on both sides of the tracks, yet reverent to neither.

Their songs are tales with uncommon premises, stories that come from a strong appreciation of (and inspiration from) literature and film: meta-fiction, pop, beat, and post-beat literature, as well as the great filmmakers of our times, of all genres. Stories as far out and wild as a struggling band’s break playing a gig at the holy grail of entertainment decadence-the Playboy Mansion (The Mansion); or an erotic spontaneous tryst in a strange and seedy nightclub(Mos Isley); or as strange as a frustrated photographer torn by his obsession with a model who may or may not be a ghost, or some weird figment of his imagination (Expose For the Shadows- the title song from their demo). These are the varied themes which make Maximum Angel different and appealing to an audience that wants more than the usual fare. They are currently recording a new batch of songs to add to their demo, to make their first full-length album/demo.

Scott and James Wardell are brothers and have been playing music together all their lives. Scott and Jason DeCaestecker have known each other musically since high school (@ 1989), and have played together in several bands and have been writing songs together for many years. Geoff Giordano (Age 29) met them through mutual musician friends in high school (@1993)and has played music with them, informally, since then. All members have been playing in bands since then, either together or apart since then, and although several of them had moderate local success, these bands did not survive for one reason or another. Giordano played in a Jazz-fusion/Pop band in the later 90’s. Scott Wardell took part in a Heavy Metal/Rap project during this same time, while DeCaestecker began working on an electronic-instrumental project in Philadelphia. Later, The Wardell brothers and DeCaestecker formed a band called Bayong, which was an instrumental, experimental dub-reggae project. In 2002, after a two year stint in New York, learning about film and photography, Giordano found himself back in Delaware recording solo work with Scott Wardell at his home studio for personal projects, and playing keys in Bayong. These projects soon came to an end, and as a result, they decided to start this band, Maximum Angel (The name is borrowed from a Hunter S. Thompson euphemism for a/the leading member of the/a Hell‘s Angels Chapter).Their diverse backgrounds merged well, while their common influences helped fuel a very creative approach.


Emerald City Delirations

Written By: Geoff Giordano

Verse 1:

Chariot To The City Stars
City Bound To Waht Is Ours
Hidden in A Spotlight

A Quickening In The Silent Sound
Plunge Into The Raging Crowd
Like A Knife In A Gunfight

A Rose Grows Wild Trought A Sidewalk Crack
Once You're Gone You Cant Come Back
You Best Be Moving On, Son

Prophetic Stares In Subway Cars
These Empty Pockets, they Wont TAke Me Far
Looks Like I Lost Another One

Chorus 1:

I'm Taking It All To The Head Tonight
I'm Hoping That This Time, I Get It Right
And I won't Be Taking That Train Alone,
I Know That I Won't
It Takes Such A Very Long Time
But I'm Taking It Anyway..

Verse 2:

Taxi Songs and A Nightclub Call
Clouds Inside The Crystal Ball
I Can't See'em Like I Used To

Her Voice Is On The Other End
Meet Me Tonight And We'll Live Again
I Wonder If She Wants To...

Champagne Sister, Anima's Fix
Holding On Like A Crucifix
To The Night, ANd Watch The Next Day Start

Slingshot Senses Stretched Back Tight
Poised To Set The Stone To Flight
Speed Of Light By Speed Of Light
Her Gentle Touch Like Lightning Strikes
And I'm Off In Another World


And I Know That It Seems Like It's Taking A Very Long Time
And I know That It Won't Be, It Won't Be a Very Long Time
And I Know That It Seems Like It's Taking A Very Long Time

Verse 3:

From City's Dawn To Night's Return
The Walking Dead Will Never Learn
Don't Cross When You See Me Comin'

Giving Away Every Cent I Earn
Building Fires That Never Burn
I Know You Don't Believe Me For Nothin'

Don't Breathe Too Deep, Don't Slow Your Pace
Don't Let Your Memories Erase
Life On The Outside

Dreams Of Home And Fields Of Grey
Way Before The Twister Came
And Took You For A Wild Ride

Chorus 2/Bridge/Outro:

I'm Putting It All To An End Tonight
I'm Opening Up My Heart and Settin' It Right
And I won't Be Taking That Train Alone
And I Know That I Won't
It's Just Taking A Very Long Time

And I Know That It Seems Like It's Taking A Very Long Time
And I know That It Won't Be, It Won't Be a Very Long Time
And I Know That It Seems Like It's Taking A Very Long Time

The Mansion

Written By: Maximum Angel/ Geoff Giordano

Dirty Margheritas
Diamond Chandeliers To Swing From
Fisher King Feature Films
I'd say we made It and Thensome
Trysts in the Tapestries
Train-wrecks And Talent To Choose
Bullets And Barbies
Chalice Wine and Elegant Booze
Streetlight Symphonies
Palm Tree Parades and Pavillions
Green Grotto Destiny
Fullfilled by the Heartache of Millions

They Wait For the Night
They Like How It Falls
They Don't Seem To Mind At All

Package Store Ponies
Tinted Sun-Glasses of Beer
A Spark and A Sillouhette
Tonight The Coast Should Be Clear
Rust Riddled Rhapsodies
Rips in the Seat
Roll Down Your Windoew and
Smell The Sand in the Street
Jukebox Pitstops
Cocktails For the Convoy
Cause Traveling At Light Speed
Ain't Like Dustin' Crops, Boy...

Lingere Latitudes
White Rabbit Cellophane Dancers
Broadcasting Live To You
Direct From The Tropic of Cancer

They Wait For the Night
They Like How It Falls
They Don't Seem To Mind At All


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Demo Recording:
Expose For the Shadows
4 Tracks:
1- Mos isley
2- Year of Glad
3- The Mansion
4- Expose For the Shadows

Set List

We do a collective mix of originals and covers/interpretations
We have currently an album's worth of original material fully prepared.
Original Songs
-The Mansion
-Mos Isley
-Year of Glad
-Expose For the Shadows
-Last Of Our Kind
-The Martini Shot
-Taxicab Confession
-Emerald City Delerations
-The Death and Ressurection of the Cool
-Summer Wine
-Sex Karma
-Light and the Lady of Diamonds

Cover songs:
-Don't Come Around Here No More- Tom Petty
-Pets- Porno For Pyros
-Take Me With You- Prince
-Big Shot- Billy Joel> Benny and The Jets-Elton John
-This Must Be the Place(Naive Melody)- Talking Heads
-Immigrant Song- Led Zeppelin
-Heart and Soul- Huey Lewis and the News
-Dancing Days- Led Zeppelin
-Peg- Steely Dan
-Dirty Work- Steely Dan
-Method of Modern Love- Hall and Oates
-One On One- Hall and Oates
-I Can't Go For That- Hall and Oates
-Could You Be Loved- Bob Marley
-The Stallion, Pt 3- Ween
-The Right Way- David Bowie