Max Justus

Max Justus

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Max Justus is an exciting young artist that has already been going at it for a few years. In 2010 he has successfully transitioned from remixes and instrumental electronic music to writing all around vocal songs. The songs find themselves taking Max to all new levels.


In just three short years Max Justus has released five albums. At that pace Max Justus releases a new record every seven months. It was just seven months ago when Max was releasing his remixes of Kanye West and just a few months before that he released Five Leaping Leopards. On his newest album No Mercy we find Max taking his mixture of electro, hip hop, and dubstep in new directions. No Mercy finds Max staying true to his previous electro sounds but also finds him experimenting with classic prog rock conventions. The album has undeniable feel that only Max could produce. No Mercy might be one of the most aggressive electro records you hear this year.
Growing up, Max heard stories of his father playing in the eighties and nineties new wave band Servant. Servant filled their animated live performances with lasers and smoke. In particular, Maxs family has had a profound impact on him as an artist. Every member of the family seems to have a different talent, which has compelled the him to create music and entertain audiences of his own. It has even inspired Max to complete every angle of production on his own albums.

Since age fifteen Max has been working on various projects in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin when he released his first album and opening for illustrious artists Tortoise, Daniel Lanios (solo artist and producer of bands ranging from U2 to Bob Dylan), and Bob Mould of Husker Du. At nineteen he moved to Kansas City, Missouri where he now resides completing two albums, Ophelia and Talk to Strangers , which are only available digitally on Myspace. At twenty-one Max released his first record with Kansas City based label The Record Machine entitled Five Leaping Leopards to much critical sucuess. He has also completed remixes of Kanye West, C & C Music Factory, and Rainbow Arabia.


Max Justus - Mercy (2010)
Max Justus - No Mercy (2009) (Lead single was featured on the's Forkcast)
Max Justus - 8 from 808's (2009) *(Remix album of 8 songs from Kanye West - 808's and Heartbreak)
Max Justus - Five Leaping Leopards (2008)
All released on indie label The Record Machine