Max Lazich

Max Lazich


Intense, ecstatic, inspirational and musical; this summarizes a performance by Max Lazich. Listeners will be amazed of the skill from such a young musician.


From the time Max Lazich was born on August 4th 1991, he has always had a true passion for drums and music.
When Max was 3 years of age, his parents bought him a drumset for Christmas. With the opportunity to play drums throughout his childhood, he took occasional drum lessons at Pongetti Musical Instruments. He has also had the opportunity to study with Paiste endorser Chris Cawthray as well as Ray Farrugia, who was apart of the Canadian rock group Junkhouse.
Max has played in numerous groups of many genres; jazz, fusion, rock, blues, etc. His influences include Marco Minnemann, Terry Bozzio, Chris Cawthray, Chad Wackerman, Joey Baron, and Tony Williams. Max has an excellent understanding in groove, modulation, polyrhythm, odd/even time signatures, limb independence and applying ostinatos to the drum set with the feet and hands, following a melodic approach.


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Set List

30-45 Minutes:

3-5 Play-Along tracks - these tracks contain no drums, so I will add my playing to them. The genres range from fusion to experimental. The duration of this section will be approximately ten minutes.

Solo Drum Compositions or Improvised Solo – Many people aren’t familiar with solo drum compositions, therefore, my performance will educate the audience on another style of drumming. Generally, a solo drum composition consists of structure (just like any song), strong emphasis on melodic patterns, performing over an ostinato, etc. My solo drum compositions are very exciting with lots of energy and dynamics. If I were to perform at the Envol et Macadam, I would be showcasing music that is new to many people, as well as the festival! The other option is an improvised solo which showcases my skill on the drumset.