Max MacPherson, Jr.

Max MacPherson, Jr.

 Alexandria, New Hampshire, USA

I am a singer/songwriter living in central New Hampshire. I've been writing songs and playing acoustic guitar for about forty years. My repertoire consists of some blues, some folk music and some love songs. My second CD was released June 10th, 2005 and is entitled "Ordinary Man". .


My influences start with Bob Dylan way back in 1964. Eric Clapton has also influenced me with my blues numbers. Someone said I sound a lot like Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. My repertoire might be called a "Mixed Bag". Some of my stuff does not fit into the usual categories. I really don't like to be labelled. All of my work on my first two albums ("Big Plans" and "Ordinary Man") are done on a Martin D-28 (1983) acoustic guitar.


Ordinary Man

Written By: Max MacPherson, Jr.

Nothing special
Just an ordinary guy
Sometimes too hot to handle
Please don'task him why.

Just a mediocre song
For this ordinary man
Does not belong
In a complicated plan

Chorus 1:
The days are getting shorter
Time to put in order
The landscape of a place
That he'd rather not face.

Always the artist
Often out in left field
Doing what was hardest
But with no monetary yield

Chorus 1

Studying the symmetry
In an Oriental rug
Forgetting the unity
Of a much needed hug.

Chorus 2:
Nothing special, nothing worth
More than the salt of the earth
Just an ordinary man
With no big plan
Doing what he can
To make his stand.

Verse 1
Verse 2
Chorus 2

Shallow Thoughts

Written By: Max MacPherson, Jr.

I have had some shallow thoughts
And though they're not too deep
They'll surface soon as I know they aught
And in my consciousness they'll creep.

Though I'm sitting in my car
With a good friend close at hand
Your words are not too far
Or too hard to understand.

Shallow thoughts...often lost
Or crowded out by the mundane
I wish I could retrieve at any cost
The words that would relieve my pain.

Sometimes I don't think at all
Perception comes to the fore
I see your face, I hear your call
And I run to your front door.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat first verse

Repeat Chorus

That's The Way It Seems

Written By: Max MacPherson, Jr.

The wind chime rings
As I leave my meager home
These words rhyme with things
And bring joy to some.

The red-winged blackbirds
Buzz in the trees
As May rushes onward
As flowers attract the bees (2x).

The limelight
Is flattery
It charges
My battery
It lifts me off the ground
With its fantastic sound
With its majestic sound.

In the real world
There are many, many dreams
But few come true
And that's the way it seems.

My house is in an order
Of total disarry
We're often on the border
Of awkward things to say.
(To each other)

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Hook

Chorus 2:
In the real world
There are many, many dreams
And some come true
And that's the way it seems

Repeat Chorus 2


My first album, released in July of 2003 is entitled "Big Plans". Tracks can be heard by going to: and type in "Big Plans" in the search engine there. My second album, called "Ordinary Man" is now online at my website. My website link is at the bottom of the "Photos" section.

Set List

1) Think, Say...Do!
2) Kozmic Kiwi
3) Love Is Really Real"
4) Spellbound
5) I'm Nobody Now
6) Images In Motion
7) Ordinary Man
8) Chocolate Chip Cookie
9) That's The Way It Seems
10) Shallow Thoughts
11) It's Raining
12) Mystic Highway
13) On An Angel's Wings
14) Big Plans
15) How Many Times
16) Too Blue Too
17) Out Here Alone