Max Marshall

Max Marshall

 Windsor, Ontario, CAN

Fingerstyle folk, country blues, ragtime, machine.


Born in Windsor, Ontario, and currently based in Essex County, Max Marshall has performed publicly since childhood and in live music venues since the age of 14. With time spent at the University of Windsor for Classical and Jazz upright bass as well as Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland for Folklore studies, Marshall has 10+ years of experience as a music educator, and has a passion for stories from the vast palate of the Canadian folk identity. Marshall has chosen finger style acoustic guitar as his medium with a preference for folk/country blues/ragtime as his true musical purpose. In a performance that extends from soft introspection to frenzied, bluesy, interpretations, Max Marshall gives audiences a heartfelt, personal performance, featuring a guitar style that is largely underexposed. 

With years of extensive touring of Central and Eastern Canada under his belt, 2017 was a game changer for Marshall; performing 200+ shows including his Central and Eastern Canadian route, rural Quebec, a successful tour of the U.K., as well as an Official Showcase slot at the Folk Music Ontario Conference, his day job has been left behind and this proud father of two has an album release, cross Canada tour, summer festivals as well as extensive European and U.K. tour to keep him busy in 2018.  



Written By: Max Marshall

When I go to the Haliburton Highlands, there's a place where i grow
and in its woods, where the trees make steeples, is where i go to find what im looking for
its where i go to find what im looking for
its where I go to find what i'm looking for
and it may never come my way
but how am I to know
how am I to have known

In its lake, a lake trout awaits
got my bait and fishing pole
and as you wait for dinner on your plate
the lake will become our wishingwell
the lake will become our wishing well
the lake will become our wishing well, wish me luck
and it may never come my way
but how am I to know
how am I to know
how am I to have known

I take our break, on Bear Lake
with my friends and family
and when we get together, our voices tether
and were cleaned out by the harmonies
but its suddenly clear, when you sing
you cant hide where your eyes have been

I'll eat my food and spend my money
until i'm hungry, until i'm broke
and, although I got nothing to show
I'll build my house out of all twelve notes
I'll raise my family off of all twelve notes
I'll make my childrens clothes
Out of all twelve notes


WellWishers (2013)