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"Max Miller Goes Live!"

Eight years ago, a young boy seven years old lay half asleep in the back seat of a car as it sped silently up the Hutchinson North Highway. The generic, repetitive and predictable melodies that were being played upon the radio had lulled a young Max Miller into an uninterested, daydream-like state as he lay, oblivious to the impending event which would soon turn his world upside down.

"I was half asleep in the back seat when I heard a scream and a loud noise," sophomore Max Miller recalled as I spoke with him after his very first live online show, "I opened my eyes and it's like my whole world had changed. From that point on, I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life."

As the enormous hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit" blasted from the car radio, the energetic and heartfelt music and screams of Kurt Cobain had touched Max unlike he had ever thought possible.

"Before this moment, everything else I had heard was really [mainstream] and was made for the world, but just had no soul. Just from that one scream [of Kur Cobain], I could tell that it was coming from him, as a person. This wasn't just a song for the masses; it was like he was speaking from his heart in a way that people could relate to."

It was at this moment that Max Miller's dream to become a musician was born.

"I first started with the double bass for orchestra," said Max, "It was only later that I discovered there was such a thing as an electric bass."

Max bought his first humble electric bass guitar from a Squre Starer Pack in 2001. Then later that year at camp, he was first introduced to the six string electric guitar.

"I'd learned a little guitar at camp and I liked it because the chords were fun to play," said Max. Soon he bougfht his very own Squire Strat which he still plays today.

"I have a few other guitars, but for live shows I still use my Stratocaster. I'm most comfortable with it, and I can have more fun on stage without worrying about getting it scratched," said Max.

Max continued to play the guitar and make songs on his own until he became inspired by one of his favorite rock groups to finally form a band with two of his closest friends, sophomore Lesley Jacobs on bass guitar and fellow sophomore Mike Biruk playing drums.

"It was the summer before seventh grade, 2003. I had just seen a Powerman 5000 concert. After they played I went outside for a breather and I saw the singer of the band! I shook his hand and got his signature, and then I realized that to be able to make someone happy just by signing your name is incredible. It;s what inspired me to finally get serious about my music."

It was through this catalyzing event that "The Sporks" were born. "The Sporks" played at venues such as the Richard J Daronco Townhouse in Pelham and Max's summer camp in New Jersey. However, the band broke apart around October last year and the members went their seperate ways. Bassist Les joined the band "Cottonwood Stash" and drummer Mike took a break from the music scene. Max began his own solo career, creating his own unique music.

"After the Sporks broke up, I jumped into high gear, made new songs, and [realized I] could do it all by myself with full dedication and concentration"

He began to book shows at venues such as the Sidewalk Cafe, the very same club that the legendary musician Beck started out at many years ago. Since then, Max has established a large fanbase of supporters who regularly travel to the city to watch his shows and cheer him on.

After watching one of Max's live shows, sophomore Angie Comfort said, "When Max performs live, it looks like he's having so much fun! It's like he just goes out there and enjoys himself, regardless of what people might think of him."

As he strums his Stratocaster guitar and sings into the mic, drum loops, disc scratching, audio samples, multi-layered vocals, and many other elements join in to accompany Max in his on man band show.

"Max's music is extremely original because he mixes his influences and his own taste [in music] into a blend of incredibly creative folk-like hip-hop and rock. He stays true to himself and his music, staying away from what is being done today; he does what he wants," said sophomore Marius Dollinger.

With a vivid live performance and creative music that isn't afraid to break the mold, Max Miller has begun playing live online shows which he broadcasts over the internet.

"I'm very thankful that people have been able to connect with and enjoy my music. I just hope that the word can be spread and more people will get to hear it! [I want to thank everyone who has] supported me this far. [They] have given me the confidence to believe in mysdelf and make my music possible." - Travis Markram


The Glass- 2005
Description: First Full-Length album
iTunes Link:

1. Bad Mood
2. Mind Place
3. Sometimes
4. To Do List
5. Handout
6. Cool
7. The Glass
8. YPAC2
9. Detached
10. Brokedown
Max EP- 2008
Description: 8 song EP
Purchase Here:
1. Time Waster
2. Underwater
3. Mr. TV Screen
4. Current Events
5. Who Knows?
6. The Switch is Now Complete
7. Glass Case
8. If I Had A Rocket to the Moon

"Year Project" [tentatively titled]
Release date: December 31st, 2008 at Midnight

1. January (The Waiting Game)
2. February (scatterbrain)
3. March (Silverscreen)
4. April (??)
5. May (??)
6. June (??)
7. July (??)
8. August (??)
9. September (??)
10. October (??)
11. November (??)
12. December (??)



Standing out against the backdrop of what is considered "normal," Max Miller is driven by an irrefutable passion and heartfelt intensity that creates powerful and fun music that practically anyone can relate to. His unique blend of hip hop, folk, alternative and straight up rock music creates a truly individual and ground breaking sound unlike anything that you have ever heard. As he leaps across the stage, ducking and diving in one of the most outgoing and energetic performances you are likely to see, one can't help but be captivated by the enthusiastic and vivacious aura that he exudes, epitomizing in action the many emotions which make up his music as he continues to push the boundaries of what people perceive as "normal."