Max Power and the Feedback

Max Power and the Feedback


Everything we create is improvised on the spot. We pick a starting key and go from there. Our highly different backgrounds (Blues, Jazz, Funk, Metal, etc.) combine to create a highly unique sound experience that varies from show to show.


We are a four piece band out of Wisconsin that focuses on making unscripted improvisational jams. No two songs we play or performances we have will ever be the same and we believe that sets us apart from other bands. The group was formed in late January 2008 and has shown much promise since the adventure began. Originally named "The Balls," Max Power and the Feedback has been finding themselves gaining incredible strength as a band. With no restrictions on anyone's playing styles, the band is able to mesh together an original sound as well as have endless possiblities of jam ideas. All the member's in MPF show an incredible drive, talent, and passion for the music they are playing and plan to continue on this journey together for a long while. With a shared vision for the love of music, Max Power and the Feedback plans to make a name for themselves.

"It's impressive the number of shows this band has been getting. We've been together only since January and already we're playing festivals and having mini-tours."


Live from the Basement (March)
Live from the Basement II (April)

Set List

If we are the only band playing for the night, we typically do at least 2 sets, each an hour long, and if time is permitting at the venue we will always play a third set. We try and play the entire first set as one complete jam, but occasionally we will split it up into two ideas. After that the rules don't apply and we go off of the nights vibes.