Max Solo

Max Solo


Some good instrumental music. Rock, Funk or Heavy Metal? All of them :))


I was born in 1984 in Moscow. In 1997 I started to play music. First played on acoustic guitar, but in year appeared electric. I played in different bands. For a long time I studied with books. Studied the theory. I liked the different music styles, in each of them I found something for myself. For this time I had time to play in rock, jazz, bard, pop, punk and even ska bands. The own music appeared at some moment. In 2005 May Lian became my teacher. My perception of the music fully changed. I practically learned to play once again. In the same way the cooperation with other known russian guitarist - Dmitry Chetvergov - have affected on me.
Now I write my own compositions in styles from funk to rock.

Set List

Sky Ocean
MS Swing
MS Grief
MS Music
MS Propeller