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NAME: Laren Haynes-Moore STAGE NAME: Max Star AKA'S: Maximillion, The Villian
DATE OF BIRTH: September 23, 1983
PLACE OF BIRTH: Queens, New York
AGE: 21

TALENTS/HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Songwriter, lyricist, song organizer, instrumental composer, actor, professional dancer, musician, comedian, improvist, voice personality, screenplay and comedic writer, movies and music expert. Athletic events, movie goer, outdoor events and karaoke.

WHY MUSIC INTEREST HIM: Fortunately God has blessed me with a musical gift ever since my mom gave birth to me. I can't explain It; it's just a certain feeling I get when it comes to music, something I only get when my favorite track is played or I hear my favorite artist speak or more specifically when I myself do something music related, like go to the studio or write a song. Music is my life, no ifs ands or buts.....Well maybe a few, shaking, in my music videos. Bottom line, I LOVE MUSIC!

MUSIC INSPIRATIONS: My music inspirations are so spread out through so many different genres of music other than Hip-Hop, it’s almost uncanny. WOW! If I could only express in words the people that have not only influenced me, but have motivated me, It would take a lifetime, It goes from Ray Charles to Al Jerro, from Duke Ellington to B.B. King, Billie Holiday to Quincy Jones, Curtis Blow to Jay-Z, Run DMC to The Lox, Aretha Franklin to Alicia Keys, Barry Gordy to Pharell Williams & The Neptunes, Tears of Fears to Maroon 5, U2 to Hoobastank, Madonna to Britney Spears, Elvis Presley to Micheal Jackson, Stevie Wonder to the Greatest artist of all time Vanilla Ice.... Just Kidding. All joking aside, these are the people that have opened my eyes to the bright light at the end of the dark tunnel called musical greatness and I thank them tremendously. My love for a broad variety of music is unquestionable, but my passion is in the lyrical ingenuity of rap, hip-hop and R&B.

WHY HE CHOSE RAP: I’ve been a rapper since I was 11 years old. I’ve been a professional rapper for 4 years; you know rapper is such a weak term for what I believe I truly am. I am a lyricist and nothing less. Honestly, what can I say out of all the musical expressions to choose from I wanted one that really meant something to the world and that happen to be rap. Not to fractionize, but you have the rap veterans and you have the rookies, like myself, and it just genuinely shows how much rap has changed for the better and for the worst. Overall I don't see myself doing anything else. As rap progresses on throughout our life, I most avidly want to be a part of if.

WHAT MESSAGE DOES HE WANT TO SEND: I want to express that even though a lot of artists are made to be great through false talent or mimicking or ghostwriting, a multi-talented artist like myself can come along with true lyrics, true style, true songwriting and give this nation something to really buzz about. Basically I want to express that there are actually authentic talented people out there who want the chance to shine. If it's in God’s will, you will achieve your goal. Plain and simple I want to eventually be felt throughout the entire world as a musical, lyrical, song writing legend and genius. As high as this may sound, I was always taught to strive for the highest and nothing less. This is probably the key message I want to pass on to people. It is my drive, my passion and all I want to do is what I always loved to do and that's rap music.

PREVIOUS MUSIC ACHIEVEMENTS: My music achievements started when I was young. I started off doing musical plays in Jr. High and High School then gradually made my way to more professional musical theatre events. Then I started doing record label showcases and events, I was in a duo rap group for 3 years and ultimately became a solo artist to further my career. I have also written many songs for other up and coming artist who needed lyrical guidance. I still have many achievements to accomplish, subsequently when I am ready. I would like to thank my mom, my managers, my friends, loved ones and most of all my Lord and savior.