Maxwell Eaton

Maxwell Eaton

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

"Earthy, simple, like a campfire's warmth." This music reaches out from New Orleans. The instruments and songs arranged to create a sophisticated sound canopy.



Straight out of the New Orleans Delta, Maxwell Eaton stomps and howls blending sounds from deep within. Inspired by the sights and sounds of his hometown city New Orleans Maxwell Eaton weaves his own brand of guitar driven blues, drawing on the roots of the craft all while creating something unique.

Maxwell began his career in 2006 touring alongside the Finnish blues artist, Alaska Kalanen throughout the Baltic Sea. Since then Maxwell has been refining his talents in the cultural hub of New Orleans. He has been able to perform alongside artists such as Papa Mali and Bill Kruetzmann, all the while playing around two hundred shows a year.

Eaton’s debut album, “Earworms” was released in 2009, and features two percussionists with both an Eastern and African influence alongside the steady strumming of Eaton’s blues guitar. The powerful compositions display the driving force behind his music, and his desire to walk out and explore new musical possibilities.

Shortly after the release of “Earworms", Eaton began to compose and arrange songs for a Christmas album “Fig and the New Tones: Pine Cone Classics” The album was a seasonal hit and found its way to a full write up in the December issue of Offbeat Magazine in 2009.

Eaton’s latest venture, The Gold Tooth Players is a Rhythm and Blues spectacle that represents a new direction for the guitar player. Joined by a full horn section, this is Maxwell Eaton’s most powerful release yet. Deep howling vocals, slick guitar riffs, and a groove that you could set your pacemaker by; Maxwell Eaton & The Gold Tooth Players is a fully equipped blues train screaming down the tracks swinging his brand of soulful blues wherever he appears.

Maxwell has performed with musicians such as Papa Mali, Bill Kreutzmann, Stacy Adams, and John Rankin.

Festival performances include: Auguusti Bluus, Estonia, 2006. Kivisto Folk Festival, Finland, 2007. Minor Blues Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2008. Oregon Country Fair, USA, 2007 / 2008 / 2009.


Alaska Kalanen, ...Zen And The Art of The Blues LP -2006
Thought Train, self titled LP -2007
Maxwell Eaton, Earworms LP -2009
Fig and the New Tones, Pine Cone Classics EP - 2009
Maxwell Eaton and The Gold Tooth Players EP - 2010

Set List

Original compositions and arrangements.