Max Wilson

Max Wilson

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Singer/songwriter who has worked in the industry for many years, developing songs for signed artists. Original tracks are highly unique and difficult to pigeon-hole. Take a listen!!

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Written By: Max Wilson

Through the racks to Esther
Over the fence to him,
got to keep on moving
escaping this life we're in.

Discarding others - go, go, join the queue.
I raise my knees a while and watch the autumn passing through.

You, I dont adore you.
You, I dont adore you, go, join the queue.

Still I find you wanting
I hear your distant calls.
You say I'm on your mind each morning, do you tell me, to tempt me?
Yet I find no longing, nothing grows here inside.
You wouldnt be a conquest, if I tried, if I tried.

I dont have a reason - you, I dont adore you.
All out of reasons, you, I dont adore you.