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"Max X"

3.7.08 Max X:
Rock / Alternative / Pop
'Pink Champagne' and 'Ride in Your Eyes' by L.A.'s Max X are new favorites here in the office. Have a listen by - Babble and Beat Webzine


Debut Album "Ride In Your Eyes" 2007.
Featured artist of the week in March, 2008 on Live365's internet radio: Tess's Indie-Wave
http://www. live365. com/stations/horrorfreak13
playing track 8- "Ride In Your Eyes (album)"

Due Out in 2008 two new albums:
Dark Days has some catchy songs on it but, for the most part, is an emotionally brutal, 14 song, prequel to "Ride In Your Eyes". It's brutality mainly due to the fact that it was written while I was living, basically off the change in my ashtray, for 3 years in the back of a 1986 Chevy Astro Van on the streets of L.A. All the songs are written and it's about 50% recorded. Which means: It's still going to take awhile to record the other 50%.
Then there's an as-yet-un-named album of newer, sultryer (word?), popier, but still emotionally intense material. It's about 50% written and 25% recorded. It has been written and is still being written in my wire, music equipment, and computer infested room that's been turned into a recording studio as well as in the moments while I'm driving in my car between tennis lessons. I have a notebook tucked next to my drivers seat and record melody idea and lyrics into the "voice notes" section of my cell phone.



My story is that I have a deep desire to write songs. Get them out of me almost. I've managed to create a situation where that's finally possible and now it's all about balancing time between making money (teaching tennis), my lovely feisty french wife Evelyne, and writing/recording/promoting the music. The more success I have with the music, the more time I'll be able to devote to it (so pick up a song or the album on iTunes or CDbaby!). I have so many songs written or almost written, I could spend all my time for a few years getting them all out. Not possible. Or healthy. So a few hours a day is a great compromise.
Finger picking on guitar is definitely tougher but necessarry if you want to be a "real" guitarist. I have no desire to be a real guitarist and can't finger pick worth a damn. Chords are much easier and all I need for my songs.
No musicians in my family. Took layman guitar, piano, voice classes in college and figured some stuff out on my own. Especially about recording. I record on LOGIC 8 recording software in a spare bedroom in our house filled with musical wires, microphones, guitars and a computer.