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San Jose, California, United States | SELF
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San Jose, CA -- March 29, 2011: MAXX12 will contribute a heartfelt acoustic set to help with the recent crisis in Japan at San Francisco’s Week of Omoiyara (Compassion) on April 14th. The full event is a week-long observation, with great musical entertainment, prayer and other happenings around the city. Proceeds will go towards food, water and clothing for those suffering from the recent devastation in Japan.

Week of Omoiyara will be presented by San Francisco’s Rainbow World Fund. This organization helps people who suffer from hunger, poverty, disease, oppression and war by raising funds to support relief efforts around the world.

The recent hit with the world’s fifth largest earthquake since 1900, a huge tsunami, fires, hunger, and the continued threat of nuclear meltdown have caused devastation in Japan. Current estimates for rebuilding the damage are over $230 billion and five years of work.

Week of Omoiyari organizer Kelly Rivera Hart, an Interfaith minister and long-time human rights activist, says, “It’s said that ‘Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves.’ Now is one of those times to stop and rise above our own troubles and extend a hand to our brothers and sisters in Japan.”

Following is a list of events:

April 9th: Shake It for Japan at Powerhouse, 1347 Folsom, 9pm - midnight (dance contest)
April 10th: Interfaith Prayer/Meditation at Outside Labyrinth of Grace Cathedral - 2:30-3:30pm
April 10th: Garza’s Tea House at Cafe Flore, 2298 Market, 5pm - 7pm (concert)
April 13th: Come Out for Japan at Trigger, 2348 Market, 7pm - 10pm (concert)
April 14th: HeartBeat for Japan at Deco Lounge, 510 Larkin, 6pm - 8:30pm (concert)

MAXX12’s T. Michael Riddle (Rooster) and Jon Hampton (Mongoose) will play acoustic versions of “Wild Years,” “Heaven” and “Mongoose” on the 14th. That day’s event – “HeartBeat for Japan” – will also feature closing ceremonies for the week, as well as other musical acts. In addition, other musicians – including Joshua Klipp, BeBe Sweetbriar, Doug Wilson, Sabrina Signs and more – will play throughout the week. Those who can’t make it to the event can donate online at


MAXX12 is a new rock group. Composed of T. Michael Riddle (Rooster), Jon Hampton (Mongoose) and Craig Martin (Samurai), MAXX12 brings a new sensibility to this age of chaos. The band’s first CD – Raw – will be released in April, with rock legend Ronnie Montrose as executive producer. In the dawn of the age of adaptation, empathy and wisdom await! For more information, contact or 707.971.0687, or visit

Founded in 2000 by members of the San Francisco lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, Rainbow World Fund (RWF) helps people who suffer from hunger, poverty, disease, oppression and war by raising funds to support relief efforts around the world. RWF is an all-volunteer, international agency. For more information, visit
- Jill Beaverson


San Jose, California – March 10, 2011: Fans of “The Zoo,” “Highway to Hell,” “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” and other metal hits won’t want to miss an upcoming show at the famous Avalon. On April 8, long-time favorites Dammaj will headline the Keystone Allstar Tribute Metal Jam.
The Avalon is where guitar greats like Ronnie Montrose, Michael Schenker, George Lynch and other international stars have performed. And this will be the first time Dammaj has performed together in 25 years.
Dammaj will play favorites from their 1986 album Mutiny, which will be released on CD the day of the show. Then, the band will host an ‘80s tribute concert, featuring the songs of The Scorpions, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Metallica, Motley Crüe and many other popular groups. The songs will be performed by bands that played Palo Alto’s Keystone Club in the ‘80s.
Making a very special appearance will be Dammaj’s old friends T. Michael Riddle (“The Rooster”) on guitar and Jon Hampton (“Mongoose”) on bass. Both are formerly with ‘80s metal band Valhalla; this will be the first time the two have performed together in more than 20 years. Craig Martin (“Samurai”), who has opened for The Tubes, Traffic, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blue Öyster Cult, will round out the trio on drums. Craig’s abilities add considerable thump to Riddle and Hampton’s sound.
The Rooster, Mongoose and Samurai will make a brief, exciting scene at the show. The three are now involved in a new project, MAXX12. Rock legend Ronnie Montrose is executive producer for MAXX12’s debut CD, Raw.
Montrose said this about Riddle and Hampton, "When we hear guitarists, we naturally tend to compare them to others of their ilk…However, upon close listening, T. Michael Riddle has carved out a very unique niche for himself when expressing who he is on guitar. And when I listen to the solid, confident, aggressive bass playing that is Jon, I would imagine that his personality would be the same of sorts…That’s not the case! Jon is a soft-spoken gentleman whom I doubt really knows how good he truly is…Good for you, Jon! We need more like you in the music world."

Press Release: March 10, 2011 Written by: Jill Beaverson
PR Consultant

In regards to Martin, Montrose said, "If you think of MAXX12 as a ‘tripod,’ Craig is an absolute equal part of the musical triangle…Not only is he a powerhouse drummer with a rock-solid groove, he also supplies the much
sought-after but seldom-achieved addition of superb vocals to the mix!" Martin, whose work with Viper Drums has resulted in displays at four Hard Rock Cafés internationally, said their stage performance will be eclectic and epic.

Other Allstar Jam appearances will be made by former members of Heathen, Moxy Lama, Eclipse, Rellik, Krystal Jem, Mad Anthony, Lethal Creed, Tonight, Wicked Wish, Kid Blue, Slam Nancy and Antarus.
Doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 8 pm for the Keystone Allstar Tribute Metal Jam. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. The Avalon is located at 777 Lawrence Expressway in Santa Clara. Phone: 408.241.0777. For more information on Dammaj, contact or 408.772.1306. For information on Riddle, Hampton, Martin or MAXX12, contact 707.971.0687 or, or visit For information on The Avalon, contact
- Jill Beaverson


SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – February 8, 2011: Master luthier Brock Johnston wields formidable skills in crafting custom guitars. He has recently started making a name for himself and his company – Brock Acoustics – in the music industry. Endorsers of Brock Acoustics include rock legend Ronnie Montrose and guitarist T. Michael Riddle.

Considered a legendary household name in the music industry, Montrose reigns as one of rock’s most innovative guitarists. He is known for his namesake band Montrose, with Sammy Hagar as lead singer, and his later project, Gamma. Ronnie was formerly guitarist for ‘70s phenomenon the Edgar Winter Group. He also played on Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey and Gary Wright’s Dream Weaver, and for many other world-famous musicians.

Ronnie met Brock through a mutual friend. Johnston was asked to create Montrose a guitar-banjo – a six-stringed banjo that gives a different sound than the traditional four- or five-stringed country and bluegrass instrument. But once Ronnie saw Brock’s guitars, he wanted one for himself. “I was absolutely blown away – floored – by the wonderful craftsmanship. There are a handful of great luthiers around the world creating perfect instruments. Brock is one of them.” Johnston learned his skills from the world-famous, Serbian-born master luthier Bozo Podunavac.

Ronnie brought a few of Brock’s guitars to show his long-time friend T. Michael Riddle. Riddle was formerly the guitarist for ‘80s “locomotive rock” band Valhalla and its later incarnation, Forge. He is currently working on a new project, MAXX12. Raw, the soon-to-be-released debut album by MAXX12, will be produced by Montrose.

Riddle noted that all the Brock instruments he saw were works of art. He says, “Brock’s guitars have exceptional harmonic intonation and sound incredible as they project each note with the correct resonance. He is also very particular with the types of wood he uses, and as a result of his meticulous eye, his instruments are also simply beautiful in appearance.” Both T. Michael and Ronnie have now put in orders in for custom guitars.

Ronnie brought one of Brock’s guitars to the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade show in January to play for industry insiders. He says he will use his discerning ear for acoustics to help Johnston create future guitars. Montrose will also soon display Brock guitars on his website. Riddle plays his Brock on the new MAXX12 album Raw. He can be seen playing a Brock Acoustics guitar here:
To learn more about Brock Acoustics, visit For information about Ronnie Montrose, visit; for T. Michael Riddle and MAXX12, visit
- Jill Beaverson


From the first single played, to the final release of their debut album RAW, MAXX12 has been dominating the rock music scene. Therefore, it is not surprising that a record number of fans clamored to the Avalon on New Year’s Eve for a meet and greet with the members of the band. Being pleased with the turnout of their personal fans, MAXX12 is even more excited to start production on their new music video.

San Jose, CA – January 10, 2011 -- “Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?” It may be part of the lyrics in the traditional song for the New Year, but it certainly didn’t reflect that New Year’s Eve for MAXX12. In fact, it was quite the opposite, as the band members brought in the New Year with both old and new friends at the Avalon in Santa Clara, CA.
MAXX12 has always been supportive of causes they believe in, so when they heard about the benefit event for Phil Kennemore (bassist of hard-rock group Y&T), whom had been diagnosed with cancer, they wanted to be a part of it. Along with other well-known names like Don Dokken and Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath), Jon Hampton, T. Michael Riddle and their fans made it a night to remember.

In memory of Phil Kennemore, who passed January 7th, MAXX12 has decided to offer a free signed limited edition CD for the winner of their ReverbNation contest “Memories of Phil Kennemore.” With 2012 even closer and the unfortunate death of Phil, MAXX12 wants to remind people that life is short and we should live every day like it’s our last.
New Developments:
It’s only the beginning for MAXX12. The massive wave of new fans voting over the past few months, has landed the band a spot in the Top 5 (Top 3, to be exact) for Round One of the Taylor Guitars and Elixir Strings Test Drive Electric Contest. MAXX12 looks forward to shooting their first music video for the song Bad Blood (Illuminati). Working with the well-known production company, Element 151, every expectation for this video shoot is being exceeded. Be prepared to be amazed!
- Holly Winn


MAXX12 is proving once again to be the Illuminati of rock music, taking it to a whole new level! When MAXX12 released their new single “Bad Blood- Illuminati” and received an overwhelming positive response, they knew it was time to show their fans what being “Raw” was all about.

San Jose, CA - November 22, 2010 –- Maybe “Heaven Can Wait” but MAXX12 fans won’t have to. This Thanksgiving, MAXX12 would like to thank their fans who have supported them along the way by posting an early release test sample of their new song “Heaven”.

MAXX12 members appreciate the comments they have received from fans on the numerous social networking sites the album songs has been posted on. The number of plays for the band’s album “Raw” have skyrocketed up to 80,623 with 5,470 fans on MySpace, 1,545 fans on Facebook, and 18,704 visits on the band’s Reverb Nation page! MAXX12 wants to keep providing music that their fans will enjoy. This is your chance to give feedback on the song before the final recording is put on the album!

What is truly beautiful about this song is its “Raw” quality. It isn’t overly produced an it incorporates a harmonic color all its own. After Bad Blood, the band shows their diversity by slowing it down a bit. Listeners really get to hear T. Michael Riddle (Vocalist and Guitarist for MAXX12) come out on his own and show what a talented musician he really is. No one puts it better than Brad Nowell (Lead Singer and Guitarist for Sublime) when he says, “Good music is good music and that should be enough for anybody.”
About Maxx12:

Jon (Mongoose) Hampton & T. Michael Riddle have been in various bands together over the past 25 years, with the band VALHALLA being the most commercially successful one to date. Eventually, teaming up with Bay Area drummer, Craig Martin, the three musicians formed Maxx12. The name stemmed from the spiritual belief in Mayan/Nostradamus predictions of the great cataclysm of December 2012.
- Holly Winn - Publicity & PR Coordinator for MAXX12, LLC


MAXX12 has been in the studio recording for their much anticipated album, due for release at the end of December 2010! Bringing a very hard, fresh, and new sound to the rock world, the band has been steadily gaining the attention of music lovers worldwide. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of MAXX12’s new CD project “Raw” to hit the scene.

(I-Newswire) San Jose, CA, December 5, 2010 - Christmas is coming early! The duo that you enjoyed in VALHALLA is back at it again! T. Michael Riddle (Guitarist and Vocalist) and Jon Hampton (Bassist) have joined with Craig Martin (Drummer) to form a new band called Maxx12. The band enlisted the help of well-known guitarist and producer Ronnie Montrose, who you might recognize from his namesake band MONTROSE and from Sammy Hagar’s Marching to Mars solo album, to work on Maxx12’s debut album “Raw”.

The band originally planned on releasing a promotional CD that would include two of its most popular songs, “RaceCar” and “Mongoose”. But like rapid fire, MAXX12 has seen more fans showing interest in some of their newer songs, such as “Bad Blood” and “The Mast.” Due to the increased gravitation towards their latest recordings, the band has decided to offer its fans the opportunity to get a limited edition CD, which now includes 8 songs! There are only 500 available at the low price of $10.00 each!

“The songs are heavily laden with catchy melodies and hard hitting riffs that emblaze themselves upon your memory banks indelibly and permanently,” quotes Rock World The songs are still available for preview on ReverbNation, MySpace Music, and the official MAXX12 website, but you don’t want to miss out on the chance to own your very OWN COPY of this CD!

“You can't stay the same. If you're a musician and a singer, you have to change, that's the way it works," says singer-songwriter Van Morrison. MAXX12 has been able to do what many artists struggle to accomplish; develop and grow as individuals while still remaining true to their musical roots. The musicians are able to incorporate their own individual styles while also gelling together to create what can only be described as: “Pure Magic” in the studio.

T. Michael Riddle has been endorsed by XOX Audio Tools with more endorsement deals under way. The band plans to start nationally touring in January 2011, starting in their hometown of San Jose, California and working their way out from there.

For information on how to get the new limited edition CD, please contact:

Holly Winn
Publicity & PR Coordinator
Maxx12, LLC

- Holly Winn - Publicity & PR Coordinator for MAXX12, LLC


Debut album "RAW":

1. Mongoose (Elephant Memory)
2. Racecar
3. Wild Years
4. Moonshine Runner / Electrified
5. Politico
6. Heaven
7. Bad Blood (Illuminati)
8. The Mast




Rooster's bloodline goes back to the great Choctaw Chief Chata and his brother Chicksaw who led the Choctaw west to prosper. NexCorp was aware of his unique genetic heritage, a heritage that he was unaware of as a shape shifter. What they didn't know was that in activating this ancient and long repressed power, they also opened his soul to the animal spirits and guides that have always surrounded him. The most powerful of which is Ishkitini (The Great Horned Owl) who imbued him with the power of the Rooster and who will now protect the remnants of humanity and bring about the resurrection of human civilization, a return to the Good Red Road.

More Choctaw Mythology:


Cock, crow! Shatter evil!
Ward this place, both day and night.
Sound your warning! Repel danger!
Build us a wall of brilliant Light.

Sexuality, Watchfulness, Resurrection
The Rooster is a solar symbol and
represents sexuality.
Those with a Rooster as a Totem
may have had past lives as early Christians
or ancient Greeks.
A Rooster totem brings enthusiasm and humor and a sense of optimism.
The Rooster is a totem of great power and mystery
with ties to the ancient past and clues to your own hidden powers.
It is the enemy of evil spirits and can bound them with the light of day.

Just as in the case of Rooster, Nexcorp knew of Mongoose's unique heritage dating back to ancient India. A direct descendant of Devasarman a Brahman, who's wife gave birth to a Mongoose son. The wife mistakenly kills her son, the Mongoose, believing it had attacked her children and not the deadly Cobra who had come to kill them. She curses her husband for leaving her babies to collect money, when she had asked him to stay and watch the children, which ultimately led to death of their son the Mongoose. His descendants forever carry the curse/blessing of the Mongoose, to protect the innocent, from hearts that are filled with greed. Just like Rooster, NexCorp has no idea the ages old fury they have released upon themselves.

More Mongoose mythology:

"See there!" she cried, overcome with grief for her son, the mongoose. "Oh, you greedy one! Because you let greed rule you instead of doing what I told you to, you now must taste the fruit of your own tree of sin, the pain of your son's death."

Like both Rooster and Mongoose, Samurai's unique genetic heritage, which had been carefully cataloged by NexCorp and activated by them when the time of the Apocalypse was at hand. And also like Rooster and Mongoose they had no concept of rage they released from this hibernating spirit of the Samurai. Samurai, who's DNA goes back to Yamamoto Tsunetomo, who many consider the greatest Samurai of all time and who's compiled memoirs would come to make up the Book of the Samurai (Hagakure). Yamamoto's journey was one much like of the Buddha, from fierce warrior to a peaceful life, where he learned the greatest Samurai need not use a sword, but in the last days of man, his warrior spirit has been released once more. He now draws his sword in defense of the last hope for humanity... the MAXX12 Nation.

More on Yamamoto Tsunetomo: