Maxxtone-Live Band Karaoke Show

Maxxtone-Live Band Karaoke Show

 Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

Maxxtone is the Northeast's premier Live Band Karaoke act. We will have your audience up on stage singing with a live band. With a song list of close to 500 songs we have a song for everybody. This is the hottest new live music show so book Maxxtone's Live band Karaoke show today.


Maxxtone has been performing together in various forms since 2000. The band has released two cd's of original music and has been performing Live Band Karaoke since 2004.
People can't get enough of the rush of being on stage singing their favorite song with a live band. No backing tracks or bouncing balls, just a lyric sheet, a vocal mic, a live band and the singer.
The live band karaoke show has won rave reviews at every college and club it has performed at and is the next big act for clubs and colleges.
Maxxtone has showcased their karaoke show @ the APCA National college programming conference in Atlanta, GA and APCA Northeast, South, Mid-America and Mid Atlantic college programming conferences.
The band has performed at close to 50 colleges up and down the East Coast and has been networking into Mid-America as well.
Maxxtone also has a 90's tribute and UK Rock Show that can entertain any event that you might have at your college or club.


"Legend" 12 song song
"The Spins" 6 song EP

Set List

Maxxtone has a song list with over 450 songs.
A full song list can be requested and list is updated about every 4-6 weeks.
Sample of bands covered- Blink 182, Grateful Dead,
Alanis Morissette, Poison, Madonna, The Beatles, Matchbox 20, Big and Rich, Jay Z, Motley Crue, Violent Femmes and many others.
Songs can learned for your event with at least two weeks notice.