The Kallikak Family

The Kallikak Family


The Kallikak Family utilize sound collage from collected field recordings, layers of nonverbal vocals, bursts of stuttering, breakbeat-style drums, processed keyboard instruments, computer-generated drone, and minimalist-inspired acoustic guitar to create and explore sonic landscapes.


May 23rd 2007 is the most important date in one man's life. It is also the man himself. In order to understand its own significance, May 23rd 2007 has been fully engaging with countless other dates over the past three years, interpreting the unique heft of each while preserving their raw aural data for posterirty. It is May 23rd 2007's belief that the undiluted core of any given day's historical meaning is preserved at any moment of humanity's interaction with it, regardless of locale. Unable to unlock the mystery of future self through mere examination of field recordings, May 23rd 2007 has taken drastic steps, performing radical surgeries on the vast libraries of tapes and suturing the organic matter to warm synths and irregular drumbeats.

Before May 23rd 2007 was a date, he was the reclusive mastermind behind The Kallikak Family, a folk-grounded experimental group based in Chicago, IL. The Kallikak Family was founded in order to musically explore the writings of now discredited psychologist H.H. Goddard, famous for his purported coinage of the term "moron." Using the concept of "feeble-mindedness" as a starting point, the Kallikaks wrote catchy, overdriven songs about subjectivity, underestimation and the large, oppressive sun. It was at this point that May 23rd 2007 discovered the Chicago underground noise movement, and embarked on a series of solo performances that combined an appreciation for ambient textures with a flair for performance art. May 23rd 2007's unsettlingly hilarious shows involved such bizaare elements as tape-delayed audience interaction, camping, and countless jokes dropped purposefully as lame ducks to universal discomfort. After spending a year in Portland, OR making contact micorphones with Adam Forkner (Yume Bitsu, [[[VVRSSNN]]]) and collaborating with artists such as Liam Singer, May 23rd 2007 relocated to Santa Cruz, CA and then to Berkeley, CA to continue his exploration of PURITY music - the sound a computer makes.


May 23rd 2007 - full-length CD - Tell-All Records
The Vineland Social Maturity Scale - full-length CD - On Purpose Records
Appearance on compilation for States' Rights records