Aidan, Mark, and Chris had been playing in a band together since the age of 12 and they've maintained that chemistry ever since. At some point, it was decided that a proper singer was required. Enter Jess Ewing. The chemistry only grew from there, and now Maya is ready to be heard.


Much of Maya's music is influenced by progressive bands such as 'Tool', 'Dream Theater', 'Porcupine Tree' and 'King Crimson'. However, when it comes down to vocals, much of the influence comes from Evanescence. Odd time signatures mixed with loud, powerful vocals, rockin' riffs and at times a tribal feel allows Maya to have the unique sound it holds.

Maya has come a long way for such a short time, having won Supernova's Van Sessions 2.0 at the Roxy in January of 2011 and was featured on the site two months later. They have also played shows in venues such as Joe's Apartment, The Rio and The Backstage Lounge.