Maya Danon

Maya Danon


my music could be the next david lynch's film's soundtrack. a comination of acoustic music and electronic sounds, somewhere between jazz and electronica. the music is accompanied by video art created by the artist Alma Shneor.


When i started studying compuer sciences at the university, a fried i had, who was an old and experienced saxophone player told me "the music will wait", i hoped for him to say, i should quit my studies and go after my dream, but that is what he decided to say... anyway, he was right.
so after finishing my studies, i left israel to paris where i studied music and started creating my own music. started working with a computer from another aspect and the result was a music that some say it's avant-guard, me, i dont go for titles, i make music. in paris i had some concerts and then i got back to israel, here i released my first album, Blue Morning With Racheli.
my music is very visual, so when Alma came to work with me it was very natural and we came up with a concert that combines my music with her video work.
in these days i work on a new version of peter and the wolf, hope to start preforming it on September 2007.


"Blue Morning With Racheli" - my first and only album for the moment.
still looking for a professional distributer.

These days, i work on a new project, "Peter and the wolf", in which i give that classic piece, a new interpretation. collaborating with the guitar player, Alon Barak.

Set List

1. Trelfamdor
2. Tudra
3. Legende Japonaise
4. Alone Together (a cover version)
5. Peter (inspired by peter and the wolf)
6. Inside
7. Sheros
8. Nature Boy (a cover version)
9. Insomnia

all of this goes up to an hour or so.