Maya Soleil

Maya Soleil


Maya Soleil brings high-energy Afro-World Fusion music & dance to diverse audiences, mixing the sounds and sights of Africa with contemporary jazz and funky dance music. National U.S. and International touring experience. Traditional African music & dance ensemble also available.


Bringing pan-African styles together with jazzy dance music, Maya Soleil presents a high-energy show of original music and African costumed dance. Appealing to diverse audiences, performers from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Guinea, Jamaica, and the USA share their culture in interactive song and dance. Exotic African vocals are complemented by an international ensemble, with saxophone, flute, mbira (thumb piano), balafon (xylophone), guitar, keyboards, bass, ethnic percussion, and world drum kit.

Complete programs of acoustic, traditional styles, electric contempo-fusion, or both are available. Workshops in African Drum & Dance or Jazz Ensemble are also available. Presenters with multiple time slots have found it cost-effective to book multiple shows (acoustic traditional and electric fusion) and workshop.

Formed in 1997 from seasoned performers, the group has toured the western U.S., British Columbia, and Alaska, often performing to sold-out and near-capacity audiences along the way. Members of Maya Soleil have have enticed audiences throughout the world with their heart-felt performances, performing and recording with many of the greats in African music and dance, including Obo Addy (Ghana), Dumi Maraire (Zimbabwe), I.K. Dairo (Nigeria), Kanda Bongo Man (Congo), and the national dance companies of Ghana and Guinea.


Dance of the New Sun
African Traditions

Selected tracks have national and international radio airplay

Set List

Typical programs range from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more. Traditional acoustic or contemporary electric ensembles available separately or as part of same program, giving Presenters cost-effective options in programming, especially for festivals and concerts. Workshops in African Music & Dance are also available. Maya Soleil’s full program traces the development of music and dance from traditional styles of western and southern Africa to contemporary Afro-fusion styles with flavors of American Rhythm and Blues and Jazz.

Typical Full Program available upon request.