Maya Songbird and The Canaries

Maya Songbird and The Canaries

 Oakland, California, USA

The flamboyant Maya Songbird along with DJ CIA are bringing back regal sexiness. Maya's seductive electro-soul dance music combined with her melodic voice is winning over fans in her native Bay Area. Give her the chance to win you over too....


Since launching her career as an independent singer in 2010, Maya Songbird along with her manager and DJ, Alicia Johnson, has quickly earned the respect of fans and colleagues alike.

The flamboyant songstress was born in the historical Castro district of San Francisco, an area that plays a major roll in her musical sound and fashion style.

Raised by a single mother, Maya has always been encouraged to pursue a career in music, but it wasn’t until 2007 when she met Jaswho? of Temple Music Group that she was introduced to the world of Electronica. Maya instantly felt connected to the genre.

Soon after their meeting, Maya was featured on JasWho?’s, "Electrify My Love" and later, “Next Train,” two successful singles.

Not fitting the industries’ standards, the plus-sized, vintage-loving singer was successful at raising more than $5000 via to raise money for the production of her debut album, “Castro Kid.”

Followed by a successful fundraiser, the singer released her first single “Lust” along with a music video in the summer of 2011. The video received more than 1,000 views in the first week, and 5 blog write-ups.

Together with her band, The Canaries, and DJ CIA, Maya Songbird is looking forward to a successful career in the music industry.


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