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we've been inspired by musicians such as Brian Eno for the relaxing aspect , Nirvana for the disconnected aspect, Slipknot for the brutal aspect , Sia for the Soft aspect , Massive Attack for the mix between the electric and accoustic instruments , Breaking Benjamin for the soft voice and a powerfull instrumental, Korn for there first and second album, Linkin Park for their mix between the simple cords which makes the music so intense and easy, and Steve Nieve for the melodic and mystical aspect.

Musical aspect:
Our music goes deep into differents type of music. It's built on a "metal" foundation with a heavy guitar riff and a powerfull drum. Then the piano of Steve brings a more classical side with a emotional but not emphatic feeling. After that, Vik (the singer) adds a "pop rock" aspect with a light and clear voice.
The final element of the music is the world music dimension. With a knowledge of instruments of different countries we create a special sound that modulate between Metal, World Music, Electro, Pop and Classical music.


Keep Running

Written By: Vik / Jokka

So many goals
That I couldn’t reach,
Almost knocked out
I’d repeat to myself:
I’ve gotta keep running.

I was so tall
That I could not see
All the tricks
they played on me


I cleared my own way
But the man I am today
Has gotta keep running
gotta keep running


Written By: Vik / Jokka

Fall has just started its first dance
Goodbye summer, September is gone

Your summer of love is fading away
Spread fires in the fall
Your purpose is gone and now you must go!
Spread fires in our souls

I’ve been waiting for this burning fall
It sets my mind on fire
And my heart in desire
I get a head rush
Out of a fall.

Your summer of love is fading away
Your purpose is gone and now you must go


None (Yet!)

Set List

This is the long set (1h20min):

1: Empty Circles
2: Keep Running
3: Back And Forth
4: Are You Alive
5: Singing In The Rain
6: Timeless Countdown
7: Desert Powder
8: Still Don't Know
9: No! No! (Never Let Him Go)
10: Black And Grey
11: There Is Something
12: Stay
13: Hold Me
14: Driving Me Crazy
15: Spectrum
16: Bouncing
17: Infinity
18: Leviathan
19: Inside My Hart

The short set (30min):

1: Keep Running
2: Timeless Countdown
3: Infinity
4: Spectrum
5: Driving Me Crazy
6: Stay