Mayberry and Friends

Mayberry and Friends


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Grandpa Solina

Written By: Patricia L Slabach

Grandpa Solina, he worked in his bakery
Started each night at a quarter til ten
Walked to his shop and began making bread
Using a recipe he had in his head

Grandpa Solina, was America an open door?
Did your dreams all come true?
Did you find what you were looking for?

Only fourteen and a poor slavic lad
He snuck under the gate at the customs
No food, no money he soon found a job
At a shoe factory he began working hard

(repeat refrain)

Coal miner, steel worker hobo was he
Even a fireman for a day
Always was good at the trade that he learned
Pride of the midwest, he saved all he earned


Successful bakery business he had
Five trucks, a dozen clerks lending a hand
Depression took all that he built with his hands
Sending him back to the farm and the land


One hundred dollars started his business again
Fresh bread and rolls for forty long years
Pride of america the fruit of our land
A man's dream is built.... with his heart and his hands