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Edinburg, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Edinburg, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Pop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"EP Review. Mayberry : Beautiful Mess"

Mayberry is getting ready to release their EP Beautiful Mess on July 22nd, and while that may seem like a long time, rest assured that it worth the wait as the album contains hit after hit.

It all kicks off with the leading single “Wildfire” and right from the start one can see why this was chosen to premiere first. The backbeat of the track keeps the song moving along and will be sure to get many toes tapping. It is completely infectious and by the time the chorus rolls along one can’t help but sing along with it. Lead singer Esteban Rodriguez bursts into his falsetto, holding nothing back as he pounces on the chorus in full attack mode, beaming with energy. “Wildfire” contains all the elements of a perfect pop/rock sound that demands to get mainstream radio airplay. It’s a triumph of a song for Mayberry and perfectly introduces listeners to what kind of high adrenaline pumping music they are in for listening to the rest of the EP.

“On Top of the World” is gritty and powerful in the instrumentals and vocals, as well as the lyrics. Rodriguez turns in a commanding performance forceful, singing “I’m on top of the world/I’ll never come back down” that matches the thumping percussion that drives the song, almost in a military fashion. Again, Mayberry showcases that they know how to churn out relevant radio friendly hits with ease, and its anthem like quality makes it the type of track that will have listeners bopping their head along to. It’s dynamic with the layering of sounds which makes the song unique, and at under three minutes “On Top of the World” shows that Mayberry know how to pack a punch.

Up next, “Say What You Want From Me,” is less energized as the band takes the tempo down a notch into a more midtempo beat, but it’s a welcome change. Rodriguez delivers a nuanced and vulnerable performance on the verses, wondering what he did wrong in a relationship before he breaks into a beautiful falsetto in the chorus. Like most of the album, this tune is very catchy and will be stuck in listeners head long after the first listen. The lyrics are especially good on this track as Rodriguez sings “you make me want to smoke a cigarette.” The chorus is a bit stronger than the verses, but overall the tune is highly addictive, and when it goes into breakdown mode one can’t help but be swept up by the song.

“Coming Home to You” is soft and beautiful and unlike any of the previous tracks. It’s a beautiful and sweet ode to love, Rodriguez utilizing his falsetto voice at just the right moments to tug at the heart strings of the audience. It has an Ingrid Michaelson “The Way I Am,” vibe in both its pure, sugary lyrics and Rodriguez’s vocal delivery. There’s little wonder why this track was chosen to close out the EP because in a sea of melody making power hits this quiet number steals the show.

While most of the album is close to perfect, there are a few missteps which is normal on any EP. “Don’t Be Shy” has a great swagger to it but feels a bit dated and doesn’t quite live up to the rest of the content on the record. “Find My Way” never really finds its voice and after so many star making tunes, the song falls by the wayside.

But if you’re in the market for a record that will energize you and you love top 40 radio, then pick up Beautiful Mess when it is released. You won’t be disappointed. - Music Existence - Rachel Friatas

"Mayberry - Beautiful Mess EP REVIEW"

Sonically, Beautiful Mess is an EP that lives up to its namesake; it’s a collection of 6 well-crafted songs that incorporate elements from a multitude of genres, resulting in a literal beautiful mess of varied sounds. At its heart and soul, this is a pop driven record as the songs are crafted in a very verse-chorus-verse driven structure with huge melodies, beautiful harmonies and irresistible vocals. That being said, vocalist Esteban Rodriguez has put it best when he said the band put no boundaries on themselves and ended up with a set of varied, completely different songs that didn’t really fit together. This ideology comes to fruition from the get-go as “Wildfire” opens up the record with its smooth and pulsing beat underneath layered vocals and a catchy hook. “On Top of the World” sees the band embracing more of a rock side as it comes across with a deeper, heavier tone and interwoven synths that is vastly different from what the rest of the EP offers. Up next, “Say What You Want from Me” is a brief, near ballad style track mixed in with electronic effects to add substance to an emotional, lyrically driven track. “Don’t Be Shy” is a standout pop song that relies less upon electronics and more on the bands instrumental talent with littered guitar riffs, slamming piano chords and sultry vocals. The EP comes to an end with two different approaches, once again continuing the theme of varied – “Find My Way” could aptly be summarized as a Lumineers output due to its strong Americana vibes while “Coming Home to You” closes out the release with a minimalistic approach relying heavily on the plucking of a guitar string.
t the core, Beautiful Mess is a 6 track EP that doesn’t necessarily showcase how great Mayberry is at creating music in a singular genre; instead it showcases their overall ability as musicians due to the intermixing of genres and sounds. There isn’t necessarily the most longevity to be found here and the flow does tend to stumble due to the stylistic changes, but it so appropriately lives up to its name in not only that it sounds like a mess of sounds, but it’s beautiful in presentation and delivery. What the band set out to do with the record – display themselves to the world and give people a realization music doesn’t need to be entirely cohesive is admirably accomplished, but there’s a tingling feeling that the next release could be so much more with a tighter overall direction. - - Identity

"ALBUM REVIEW : Mayberry's "Beautiful Mess""

When speaking of their upcoming EP, Mayberry frontman Esteban Rodriguez had one goal in mind: “Beautiful Mess is a project I’m extremely excited about. [With] songs about personal experiences, this EP is influenced by many styles and sounds that I hope will appeal to old and new listeners.”

This goal is evident throughout, Beautiful Mess, Mayberry’s six song EP set to be released on July 22. Working with John Keefe and Morgan Dorr from Boys Like Girls, the band has continued to build on the groundwork laid in their 2014 three-song EP, Just A Dream. The addition of Keefe and Dorr as producers and writers is a perfect fit for the band, a group that could easily appeal to a wide range of people, from fans of Maroon 5 to the more rock-oriented side of the pop world filled with bands like Fall Out Boy.

The general feel of Beautiful Mess will not surprise pop fans. Like any good pop outing, Mayberry has offered up a series of short catchy tunes that could easily become earworms. What could come as a surprise, though, is the variety that is packed in the six short tracks. Opening track “Wildfire” clocks in over 3 and a half minutes, so what the listener is left with is a rapid-fire barrage of stylistic changes that make for an intriguing collection.

Starting off with a pulsing beat in “Wildfire” and the familiar topic of a man lost in a relationship, the band fills the song with dense layers. These layers are constructed in a way that manages to build the chorus up without distracting from the hook of the song that could easily be stuck in a person’s head for days.

“On Top of the World” finds the band at their most rocking. The song would be a strong fit at any sporting event, complete with a refrain of “I’m on top of the world, I’m never coming back down” and gang vocals and a grimy sounding beat that feels custom-made for energizing groups of people. This stands in stark contrast to “Say What You Want From Me,” a song full of delicate synth parts and simple piano that finds Rodriguez feeling less cocky and more heartbroken.

Switching things up for the fourth track, “Don’t Be Shy,” Mayberry shifts into one of their most organic sounding songs, one less focused on effects and programming and more on instrumentation. The song plays like a Maroon 5 b-side, catching the band’s catchy and danceable feel more than any other track. While the song features a guitar solo so simple it almost seems meaningless, the focus is on a chorus that repeats so many times that there is no way your mind will let you forget about it.

Wrapping up Beautiful Mess, the band chooses two very different looks. “Find My Way” sounds like a song that would be more comfortable in a Lumineers set than the band’s pop contemporaries. This is followed up by what feels like the least adventurous song of the EP, “Coming Home To You.” After the danceable rhythms throughout the collection culminate in “Find My Way,” fans are left with a completely stripped back acoustic pop love song. While it is a sweet song that is sure to find an audience amongst the most sentimental of listeners, the song almost feels like a letdown after the wide variety featured before the track.

Despite any missteps, Mayberry’s Beautiful Mess is far from what the title may imply. The EP showcases a band with a wide variety of influences that is not afraid to tap into those in their search for the perfect pop song. Rodriguez’s goal is certainly accomplished on Beautiful Mess and it leaves the listener wondering where the band will go from here.

Whatever direction they choose, it will no doubt be very catchy. - - Nathan Bradley

"Mayberry's "Beautiful Mess" EP is Filled With Captivating Pop Anthems"

While currently unknown to the world, this pop band from South Texas blends traditional pop rhythms and subtle electro-infused hooks they ensure they will reach the summit of pop-radio soon. The EP isn’t necessarily beautiful, but it’s also not a mess, just something squeezed in between them. I’ll be adding the majority of the songs to my main Spotify playlists when it comes out July 22nd.


Wildfire is somewhat unique, yet is overshadowed by a generic chorus that extinguishes any sparks that may have developed. Hopefully, it’s radio appeal is embraced, though, as it’s catchy enough to reel you in for another play.


Mayberry shifts from pop to a hazy blend of pop/rock that doesn’t necessarily make for a great combination. The song’s length also is too short to make a considerable impact, but it’s explosive bridge does add a slight amount of replay value.


Burdened by static and poor sound mixing, Say What You Want From Me builds up to a lackluster chorus that sounds odd when followed by a somewhat substantial pop-verse.


Resembling old Maroon 5 and their off-beat pop/rock fusion, Don’t Be Shy is “Beautiful Mess”‘s greatest contender for hit single as it boasts a radio-ready beat and a memorable chorus.


Folk-driven pop made popular by bands such as Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers have a usual style and simplicity that allow them to crossover into the mainstream and Find My Way definitely tries to match that form but it doesn’t quite work. Despite a desirable chorus, the surrounding verses lack the appeal to keep one’s attention and it slowly fades to another forgettable pop song.


Lead vocalist Esteban Rodriguez finds his perfect key as Coming Home To You leisurely serenades your ears. This track leaves its mark and is a worthy song to call the EP’s best. - - Joel Freecheck


"All I Need" Ep


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from small-town Edinburg, Tx , Mayberry is an alternative pop/rock band [RIYL: Maroon 5, Boys Like Girls, X Ambassadors] consisting of members Esteban Rodriguez (Vocals), Hector Rodriguez (Bass), Brayden Dillard (Drums), and Andrew Vela (Guitar). Mayberry radiates with infectious pop hooks and powerful vocals ready for Top-40 radio. After releasing their debut EP All I Need (2012), produced by Geoff Rockwell (Artist vs. Poet, Forever the Sickest Kids), the band made waves with their 3-song EP Just A Dream (2014), which was produced and co-written by John Keefe and Morgan Dorr of Boys Like Girls. Noting their veteran expertise and sensibility for polished pop melodies, Mayberry continued to work alongside the duo, releasing a follow-up single in 2015 “Please Please.” Keefe and Dorr also produced Mayberry’s forthcoming EP, Beautiful Mess, set for release in the Summer of 2016.


Mayberry has shared the stage with powerhouse acts such as Plain White T’s, Fifth Harmony, Fall Out Boy, Rixton, and more. After landing a publishing deal with Position Music in LA, their single “Heartbeat” made its television debut in a commercial for NBC’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls. Mayberry feels like a band poised for mainstream success, with over 45,000 avid Twitter followers and fans all over the globe making this band is one to watch.

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