Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe Tomorrow


These guys have a unique sound. You will love the double vocalist/ triple guitar attack that they unleash.


Formed in 1994, the band has gone through many changes and growing stages. Their live show is more like a live event!! With a mix of Danceable college rock and Straight dance music, crowd participation is unavoidable!!!
With a Double rock- based guitar attack and an acoustic guitar holding the bottom line along with funk-induced bass and alternative drumming, the vocal harmonies will take you to a better place!!!
The band's influences range from Van Morisson to Bela Fleck to Moe. to Skid Row to Dave Mathews to Counting Crows!(hows that for a mix?!!)



Written By: Maybe Tomorrow

Verse 1
Young girl, better stay away
Far away from my back window
Can’t you see that the remedy
Isn’t waiting here for you
Young girl better run and hide
Hide where I can’t follow
Through the hollows and the trusty woods
I have supplied

Verse 2
Every time the west wind blows
The smells they come so sweetly
Trickle down like raindrops
in the gutters of the blind
Every time the sun don’t shine
You can’t skip through the shadows
That exist just to eclipse
The thoughts left in your mind

Then she walks right through my door
Saying give a little more
She don’t heed the words I say
Tomorrow has gone away

Repeat verse 1

Then you drop down to the floor
Screaming daddy give a little more
Wont you heed the words I say
Tomorrow just fades to gray

Repeat verse 2

Then she walks back out my door
Saying daddy give a little more
When you feel the needle’s chill
Tomorrow’s a bitter pill
Tomorrow’s a bitter pill

All Lyrics Copyright Not Now Music LLC 2002


Any Day Now- full lp released june 2002
Hurricane- single-unreleased (live version at radio station)
Radio play at local college radio and aaa radio

Set List

Since we play originals and covers our set list vary greatly to the crowd's wishes. it's not unheard of for the crowd to yell out a song and the band start playing it!!!
Sets are usually an hour, and shows are usually 3 sets. Set lists can include anything thats been on the radio now, the past five years and old faves like Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Blackfoot, and Marvin Gaye.