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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Psychedelic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Marc Maron on Maybird"

Kind of a groovy band, kind of George Harrisony, kind of ethereal, nice. - WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

"A Deli NYC Video Premier: Maybird - "Two Horizons""

The video for "Two Horizons," from Maybird's debut album "Down & Under" is filled with beautifully shot moments of humans being humans in NYC, a narrative as old and developing as citylife itself. The song is at times a story recounted and at times a log of premonitions and preparations for what sounds like an eerie future. - Deli Magazine NYC

"The Bob Edwards Show"

“Josh reminds me a little bit of Sufjan Stevens and he’s got this sort of gentle, orchestral approach to music.” - Paul Schomer

"New Music/Maybird - 'Big Sun Explosion'"

A little melancholic, dreamy, alternative, and pleasantly psychedelic... turned out to be the perfect soundtrack for today, blending in with the warm, sunny weather and my strong need for some unforced musical uniqueness - Queen Beetch

"Maybird: Riding the Psychedelic Plane"

Drop the needle and dig on Maybird and enjoy the trip. This relatively new Rochester outfit is a carefully constructed wash of singer-songwriter insight and pop-psychedelia. It's the sound of the beautiful and the weird sharing a slow dance — or a joint, perhaps. It's romantic and it's epic.

Consequently, Maybird sounds like a band with no chronological home. You could conceivably see its music popping up in any of the last five or so decades to haunt a scene or screw up a genre's self-worth. - Frank Deblase; City Newspaper

"Album of the Week: Maybird, Down & Under"

It almost pains me to describe music with such obscure terms, but even a cursory listen to any of their songs could tell you that these musicians specialize in spaced-out, woozy soundscapes. Think equal parts Flaming Lips, Fleet Foxes, The Beatles, MGMT, and Band of Horses. Despite being a highly synthesized, well-polished album, Maybird's music has a very "vintage" feel. Their new album, Down & Under, is nine songs worth of spacey folk-rock chock full of unique instrumental flourishes...

Even the slightly-reggae tinged "Maybird" is full of wah-wah bliss... This was my personal favorite track on Down & Under - "Maybird" perfectly capsulizes everything important about the band, making it the perfect namesake. Behind the laid-back, vintage veneer, beautiful orchestral pads, oceans of delay, and fuzzy synth lines fill out the background. As it progresses, the song continues to add layer after layer of noise until it starts to twist upon itself. It eventually becomes a wall of noise, far different from its fairly calm origins. This is the true genius of Maybird - something initially so soothing becomes something cacophonous without losing its identity. - Nick; Buffablog

"Turning Into Water - Maybird"

The single gives off a feeling of the 1960’s which, in 2015, can get a little messy. However, Maybird tackles it pretty well and offers complementary accompanying visuals. - Jordan Williams -

"Rochester band bends genres with towering rhythms"

Maybird creates a euphoric sound that is distinctly its own. The genre-defying band displays a maturity that can soar anywhere from mind-numbing psychedelic pandemonium to catchy indie-pop hooks reminiscent of Australian band Tame Impala. - Sara Munjack; The Lamron

"Maybird: Call You Mine"

There isn’t much information about them, but I am appreciating their music and digging their sound. The song I am featuring, “Call You Mine”, has a dreamy, ethereal quality and seems perfect for a relaxing, carefree, take it easy Saturday. I hear a little George Harrison and a throwback sound that is missing in today’s music. Somehow they take this sound and make it current and fresh. - Carrie, Immersed in Cool Music

"Welcome: Maybird"

Rochester band, Maybird, create a sound that may seem like it doesn’t ‘fit’ into todays times, but thats a good thing. Mixing that etheral 60’s rock and roll vibe with modern day songwriting, the best way to describe their sound is to think George Harrison meets Sufjan Stevens. - Boom Boom Chik

"Weaning Lamb: Maybird"

With a swirling, psychedelic melody and reverb drenched vocals, Maybird bring this dreamy track to round off Weaning Lambs for this edition. With a superbly crafted video showing New York in all off its elemental winter bleakness, it’s worth every minute of blissful viewing. - The Wandering Lamb

"Maybird: Down & Under"

Amid the swirling guitar sounds of modern psych folk, Maybird conjures up its roots in Beatles, John Lennon and George Harrison with a splash of some classic British psych a la Kevin Ayers. Halfway through the album, Leonard Cohen rears his head for some influence as well. That’s from a dream that songwriter/guitarist Josh Netsky references. This band should not be taken as just another retro band – they are fully capable of a slot on David Dye’s “World Café” and the sounds and songwriting bring them to the forefront alongside some of today’s most popular bands. - Tom Kohn; The South Wedge Quarterly


The debut album from Rochester, New York band Maybird is rooted, from beginning to end, in the dreams of lead singer Josh Netsky. The title of the record, Down & Under, was actually an imaginary ultra rare Leonard Cohen album that Josh heard about in a dream. He sings about this experience on the title track which is also offered as a bit of an homage to Cohen. This is where things are still joyous and new and bright. As the album progress the dreams slowly make their way to the edge of a slippery slope of moodiness. It is a slope that eventually catches the listener and plunges them rapidly into darkness. What was once so bright and promising, now is bleak and wasted. - Tender Branson, Write Click Cook Listen


Still working on that hot first release.



Twangy psychedelia with a funhouse bounce, Maybird modernizes blissful space-rock with a playful sense of pop songwriting. These New York mind-melters emerged in 2013 with Down & Under, a lush headphone symphony which introduced their unique mixture of ELO and The Strokes. Torch songs for intergalactic travel, Maybird proves irresistible in their hooky hypnosis.

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