Mayday is a young, dynamic, three-piece, alternitive rock band hailing from the Manawatu. We write and play all of our own songs. Having four years expererience playing together means we are a tight outfit and more than able to deliver onstage, with energetic and well-rehearsed live performances.


Four years ago we began Mayday as an experiment into the music world. After a transitional stage where we swapped roles over at least once, we finally found our feet near the end of 2008, coming out with an alternative rock sound which is best left for the listeners to discern.
Our music is something we never want pinned down into one particular style; we constantly innovate and experiment with it, to make sure every song is new and fresh. We don’t ever want to be one of those bands who churn out the same old stuff. As a result we often take to non-conventional instruments like violins to increase our sound range.
We also don’t want to be one of those bands who have nothing to say: Right from the start we’ve believed music is a lot more than just empty noise. It has the power and imagination to reach out and touch people’s souls. Knowing this, we make sure every song has a meaning to it: that it will inspire and give hope to anyone who listens close enough.
It is these initiatives and ideals that sets us apart from other bands, and make us unique. Another unique thing about us is that we don't have a bass player in our band: we used a session musican in the studio, and look for other ways to fill our sound out live.

We have many different musical influences, ranging from metal to punk, to rap to acoustic. However, artists aside I'd have to say the biggest influence on our music is our faith, which is a big part of what we do and who we are, both as a band and individually.


Everywhere Tonight

Written By: Daniel Gowan

There's something inside
I'm looking for
That's hiding behind
All these closed doors

And I'm reaching out
To grab hold
Of something inside
Inside of my soul

And I know, I know it's here

Tonight, tonight I've found you here
Tonight, tonight, you're everywhere


This Beautiful Disaster EP (2011)

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