Mayday! Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday!


High energy, melodic, pop-punk band that will leave you wanting more. East coast name - West Coast ROCK.


Mayday! Mayday! (formerly Mayfield Heights) was raised in the 1980’s in America’s suburbs and nursed by a still-fresh MTV. Schooled in 60’s folk, 70’s glam-rock, and 80’s pop, the five members of Mayday! Mayday! create a distinctive blend of hook-driven, melodic pop and rock, infused by each member's diverse background with a devoted eye to sophisticated songwriting.

Mayday! Mayday! have managed to realize many accomplishments in their two-year tenure. They recently cut a demo with producer Issa Diao (of Good Clean Fun fame) in preparation for recording their first LP in the beginning of 2007. Their first album, released under the name Mayfield Heights entitled Whatever It Takes, reached #15 on’s Top 100 sales list, due in part to their self-produced music video for the single “50/50” from the same record.

Since their inception, they have self-booked eight regional tours and in the process played with international acts such as The Living End, Lit, Daphne Loves Derby, and I Hate Kate. This past spring, Mayday! Mayday! led the 4th Annual Richie Valens’ Battle of the Bands in Los Angeles by, as Jessie Vaughn of the San Fernando Valley Sun stated, “dominating the night with their jaw-dropping, dynamic sound,” winning honors for best band, best vocals, best guitar, best bass, and best drums.

Mayday! Mayday!’s on-line presence is one of the driving forces behind their success. On MySpace alone, the band has managed to accumulate over 82,000 friends with over 250,000 plays within the past year and a half. Averaging over 750 plays a day, they have been recognized countless times as being one of MySpace’s Top 10 Unsigned Artists.

In addition to their online success, Mayday! Mayday! has had their music played unsolicited on stations such as 101.3 KFMA Tucson and 90.7 KPFK Los Angeles, and have made various appearances and live performances on numerous others.

Mayday! Mayday! is known within the independent music scene for their catchy melodies, high-energy live performances, and their devotion to their music and their fans. “Your band impressed me,“ declared Capitol Records’ producer Loren Israel, “and I foresee great things with Mayday! Mayday!."


My Little Disarray

Written By: Paul Emerson/Mayfield Heights

Here we go, right away,
Need to stay, cannot play,
Cmon please, yes you may,
Always waiting for you!

One more time, not for you,
What to do, ten till noon,
Plan my day, just for you,
Only if youll let me!

Okay one more time, you know its my dime,
So long as youll just stay happy.

Im sorry Im late, but I can explain,
Cmon dont be like that!

Are you going my way?
For this, today,
My heart is in the wrong place,
My little disarray.

Are you going my way?
For this, today,
My heart is in the wrong place,
My little disarray.

My eyes are clear, Im feeling bold,
Its getting old, weathers cold,
Take the bus, Im thinking no,
Cant your mom just take you?

Sorry cant, not today,
Go away, I wanna stay,
Alright girl, what can I say?,
Do I say On Duty?

Im not on my way, cuz I dont get paid,
Why should I do this for you?

Thats it Im done, you better run,
Dont want you to be late!


Forget everything,
Thats the way it was,
Life was so carefree,
Without you-

No, I dont cost a thing,
Freedom save the free,
Is there anything else,
I can get you?


My little disarray,
My little disarray,
My little disarray.

Miss Meant-to-Be

Written By: Paul Emerson/Mayfield Heights

Pardon me, do you remember me?
Just before I came in here and noticed something.
I stand here for nothing else,
Than to see you and look awkward,
(and) Tell you that youre pretty.

Its no surprise, I knew before you spoke,
That you were with someone, hey its cool just bring him with you.
Cuz all I want, is for you to,
Drop all your bags and come out to my show to see me.

Dont wanna be without you,
[3rd] I thought the same
Miss Meant-to-be
[3rd] Way about you
Cannot see without you,
[3rd] I thought the same
(Im) Mister envy

Pardon me, do you remember me?
I was noticing-
I came here for nothing else,
Than to see you and look awkward,
(and) Tell you that youre pretty.


Take our chance in meeting,
Trade for my heart left beating now.
Take our moment fleeting,
Trade for a mind left sweetly sound.

Well I could spend a lifetime looking back that one day,
(So) Turn around and take me back again.

[BG] Turn around and back again,
Turn around and back a-


Pardon me, do you remember me?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying

Written By: Paul Emerson/Mayfield Heights

Hey Dad, tell another story,
This time, My Life Gone Wrong.
I know you want to live life for me,
Your work heres almost done-
And all the times that you have ever told me,
Your doubt is mine, son
And when I set it free,
You will not keep me from my heart.

Well rise against the fall this day we take,
We live forever,
Well now we have it all we will not break,
We stand together.

Dear mom, can this even be right,
Father says that Im all done,
I called to get a little insight,
He said, Dont bother, son.
Stand up! For my Im certain,
I know where I belong.
Well fall! Come behind your curtain-
Your day will never come.
We will not let you call us home.



"Whatever it Takes" - EP - 2004

Set List

Our set list is 30-45 minutes of high-energy, pop-punk original anthems.

1. My Little Disarray
2. The Moment
3. Sarah's Song
4. All I Know
5. August
6. How I Learned to Stop Worrying...
7. Miss Meant-to-Be