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"Meet my love E.P." (2011) : May Day's first EP was released in May 2011 and was available worlwide on every legal download and streaming platform. It was also released in a limited and numbered digipak edition (1,000 copies) available at Gals Rock store in Paris and on their e-shop

May Day is currently recording a second EP which should be released in June 2012.



May Day first was just Maud, a french parisian girl, alone with her guitar, writing - in english - and singing pop/folk songs in her living room. Then she decided to go try and play them for people. One night in the audience stood Julien. And while she was singing, she noticed he was crying. And then, they were two.
Just a few months later, in december 2010, Zazie - a major french pop singer/songwriter - who had also attended a solo performance back in 2009, offered May Day to support for 2 of her shows at L'Olympia (Paris), in May 2011. So they decided they had to have a record ready by then. The self-produced "Meet my love EP" was available on their first night at l'Olympia, they had an incredible feedback from the audience and Zazie's production team and could have sold over a hundred copies of the EP had they brought just one more.
The 6 track "Meet my love" EP was very well received and described on several french musicblogs as a very coherent and fine production, which must have been tricky to achieve considering the world there is between a song like 'Strawberry tree', a really lightly produced classic pop one and one like 'Lightning always strikes again', a 'nearly 10 minute post-rock epic masterpiece'.
May Day has since been playing live regularly (mainly in Paris, but also played a solo set in Los Angeles last July), where they're building a solid reputation as a live duet act as well as an increasing fanbase.
Maud, who says all songs are love songs, even the ones that supposedly aren't, soon started to write new ones.
A new EP should be released before summer.