May Dreams of Pulsars

May Dreams of Pulsars


May Dreams of Pulsars is a GarageBand-powered one-man-band from Tulsa, OK, focused on delivering eclectic, genre-fusing music that deals primarily with anti-war politics, homosexuality, and Christianity.


In high school my friend Jenna and I had this crazy idea to create a band that would do '80s synthesizer music mixed with pastiche of Contemporary Christian music, called May Dreams of Pulsars. Until I started fooling around in GarageBand, I never thought it would become a possibility. Now, I'm trying to discover a unique sound that mixes many different genres and influences, from Rufus Wainwright to R.E.M. to Bob Dylan to Radiohead.


Trenton Street

Written By: Karl Johnson


We were on different trains
And yours more familiar
I cried when you waved your hand
I was just tired of waking up

We both had different dreams
In mine I saw torture
I think you were a hero
But now I'm not sure of anything

Trenton Street --

At Glen Ellyn we stood alone
An hour or more just taciturn
I jumped on the tracks to die
Never to return to Illinois

I let you save me with your arms --
I've come to regret it
I am still that boy
But, please, let's forget it

Trenton Street --

I ran when you raised your palm
I was shoeless and freezing
We went our different ways, 'cause I was
Sick of just pleasing and giving up

You pick me up at midnight
And cannot even apologize
We drive in the lonely city
Sometimes we philosophize

While we drive down Trenton Street

Trenton Street --

Whatever Happened in 2001?

Written By: Karl Johnson

What ever happen'd in 2001?
No one can really quite tell.
It's thirty years past and that time now is done:
The time when democracy fell.

Whatever happened to individuality?
A dime to one's self is a jew'l.
We gave up our names when we gave up our privacy,
So Big Brother makes all the rules.

Whatever happened to peace and accordance?
The man on the street doesn't know.
We guarded our borders with scorn and reluctance,
And reap hate 'cause that's what we've sown.

What happened to all our sons and our fathers?
The answer, I'd like to find out.
They've gone off to war so to kill one another,
So good men we are left without.

Whatever happened to mothers and daughters?
Ask people-- no one can say.
And children enjoying the love of their fathers
Were heard of in earlier days.

Whatever happen'd in 2001?
No one can remember it well.
It's thirty years past and that time now is done.
When it started, humanity fell.


My four-song (non-professionally produced) demo is available for streaming at and
The tracks available for streaming are:
"May Dreams of Pulsars"
"Whatever Happened in 2001?"
"Trenton St."