Maydrim is a different way of understanding and loving music, a fusion of styles and ideas in endless experimentation, the best of rock and electronic united to deliver an unprecedented musical experience.


If there was a single phrase to describe Maydrim this would be "No ordinary music". Maydrim delivers one of the most exciting and fresh musical acts of the current music scene.

Inspired by the sounds of bands such: The Cure, Kate Bush, Kraftwerk, Curve, Recoil, Portishead, Nirvana, U2 or Depeche Mode. Maydrim offers a mind blowing sound topped with impossible details and an impeccable production making it one of the most growing bands of the moment.

Fan quote:

“ very nice...this song makes me want to build a small, yet comfortable, raft and set sail for madagascar...hold on, i just heard the change. that shit's tight. it started off pretty soft and now it's almost electronic. the hell with the raft, now i want to build a tank and run over baby kittens. ”


LP “Makeyourselfagain” 10/2009