MayEmEyE is a down to earth rock band that truly understands what it means to interpret the thoughts and emotions of all walks of life. The music is hard rock that blends the hooks used by all genres of music to create something that any music lover can indulge in.



MayhEmEyE is a four piece hard rock band, who’re taking a unique approach to their genre by means of hard lyrics, sophisticated drums, and melodic progressions. MayhEmEyE are hard rock artists with intelligent subject matter ranging from human rights, corrupt law enforcement to inner struggle or personal relations. MayhEmEyE also utilizes a one of a kind vocalist in Jesse Johnston. Johnston blends in depth lyrics that can be appreciated by all ages and genres with a truly soulful performance. Each song tells a story and uses enticing hooks to keep listeners not only guessing but completely captivated. This band can make you move one moment and reflect the next. MayhEmEyE are soon to be releasing a new album, “Simplicity of Design”, recorded at the “the studio” by Lou Whitney, Springfield, MO. MayhEmEyE are artists of a naturally effective work ethic, that know what it takes to be a professional working band. “It is our intention to acquire gainful employment by means of touring, USO, college radio, music festivals, or public access performance.” They’re on the level, and are willing to follow curriculum to do what it takes to go as far as they are capable.

Set List

We usally play about an hour or so, mostly our own matierial.
Set List

Cut Free
Since Been Lone
Dead Letters
Self righteous Place
Due To Violation
Tactics (to exterminate the truth)
Beware The Manifold
Internal Conlflict
911 (part two of fear)

Billy Idol - Rebal Yell
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
C.C.R. - Bad Moon Riseing
Jimmie Hendrix - VooDoo Child
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love